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Pro's and Con's of Collection Size

Sep 28, 2011

    1. People on this forum talk about their collections, as well as the size of their collections all the time, but I don't think that we've really intertwined the two together to talk about really what the positives and negatives are of various collection sizes. I, for example, would like a relatively larger collection - although I'm grateful to have any :). However, I sometimes wonder if someone with a rather sizable collection would like to have a very small group, a pair, or a single doll.

      Thread-wise, I've noticed that we tend to section ourselves off into either group sometimes - like I said, I notice that threads tend to deal with one size or the other, but not both. Each kind have their experiences with having collections of a certain size, and it might be difficult for one kind of owner to understand where the other owner is coming from. So I want to know:

      What exactly ARE the pro's and con's of having a collection your size?
      (small or large)

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?
    2. Good question!

      I had planned for a small collection. The cons I saw to this were fairly minimal. What I didn't take into account was the apparent 'ooh shiny' factor. So I would have to put 'painful resistance to ooh shiny' in the cons column for a small collection, if it's not small by choice (read: no funds for more, or a choice to not go beyond a certain arbitrary number and actual willpower to stick with that despite temptation, no space for more).

      The main con of a larger collection, for me, is space requirements. In a way, this is a plus, because it's encouraged us to get rid of old junk that had otherwise just taken up space, but limited space is still an issue.
    3. I have a lot of inner termoil with this issue xD I have been in the hobby since 2006, but I only have one doll. At one point I had another, but I couldnt bond with her, so this will be from a one-doll perspective.

      My biggest issue is money. One doll means ive only spent a couple hundred dollars on actual dolls, not a couple *thousand*. I love this hobby a lot, but I think I would have a hard time justifying that much money going to a doll collection (on a personal level that is, I make no judgement on others who do have lots of dolls). Having one doll also means you dont have to shell out hundreds of more dollars just to give all your dolls wigs and eyes and clothes, especially multiple sets per doll. When traveling or going to meet-ups, you dont have to worry about choosing between dolls or trying to lug them all with you. If you're a sewer, you can use all your sewing time/energy to give your doll a really vast personal wardrobe. Space is another issue. Just my one doll has an entire cupboard shelf to himself, holding a box for his clothes, a three drawer plastic storage thing for his eyes/wigs/shoes, a box for all his accessories, and a box for sewing projects and random things ive collected, plus a chair I made. That doesnt even include his company box I keep him in most of the time. If I were to get more dolls, it would probably at least double the "stuff storage" space I would need, and I would definitely want to give them their own space to hang out in, which would probably take up most of my desk.

      Having one doll can be very lonely and even downright boring. While clothing and accessories can be expensive, it kind of sucks having one doll with their own personal style, and having to limit your purchases to the kinds of things they would wear. The same with sewing, it can get very boring only having one doll to sew for. You never really got to go outside the box, you're stuck building up one wardrobe. I have a boy, but I would love to get a girl someday, as well as a tiny, because that brings so many more options. Photostories can be kind of bland, and theres never anything going on because theres no interaction between dolls. I think having multiple dolls also gives you a better sense of what your dolls are like, having to think of how they would act between eachother. It helps develop much deeper character.

      Having one doll is much cheaper, and more managable, but it can be really unfullfilling :/ Ideally, I would like to have at least three dolls. Two dolls, a boy and a girl, would be great, you can have the best of both worlds but I think a third doll would somehow complete the circle and keep things interesting, since there would be three seperate interactions happening, and three unique characters. Man...now that its all there in black and white, I really want to run out and buy a girl xD Damn frugality...
    4. What exactly ARE the pro's and con's of having a collection your size?

      Pros: It's a lot easier to cart two dolls around than it is twenty-two! There's less doll to worry about, and therefore you can keep a better eye on the ones you do have and fix problems or issues a lot faster. You can learn really intimately about the different jointing and sculpts of your dolls, and get them a lot more accessories/clothes than if you had more dolls since you have more money left over.

      Cons: It can be kind of lonely only having a few. They tend to multiply, so you may end up struggling to keep your collection minimal. It can be a pain in the rear if they can't share clothing, wigs, or eyes, as you have to try to find or sew two different sizes. You can't necessarily have the same level of character interaction.

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?

      I always catch myself thinking of more dolls that I want, heh! I do like having my boy and girl, and it's nice to have 2 and have them be easily managed, but at the same time I really do like a lot of other sculpts and want other dollies to call my own :aheartbea
    5. Small or large: My collection; a couple of dozen or so big ones, a few smaller ones, and a bunch of tiny ones.

      Pros: I have lots of favorite dolls and it would be difficult to choose just a few. By not self-imposing a limit, I feel free to squee over the newest offerings from the doll companies without looking around at one of my dolls to vote out of the house so I can buy a new one. I don't buy very often these days, but I like having the option. About my own collection, I like having dolls to choose from that portray a variety of characters and sizes. I just think it's more fun for me this way.

      Cons: Money and space are considerations, as are clothes and accessories for a big collection.
    6. My collection: 47 (and 3 incoming, and some floating heads)

      I love being surrounded by beautiful things - the more the better. And I can always get all kind of clothes for them, there is a size for (almost)every outfit in my collection. I can have different characters wearing their own style for long time. My room is less messy than before I started collecting, because I had to remove old stuff to have enough space for them.

      Cons: The free space is getting rare... I still wished for so many more dolls, but since my collection is large enough for the room I have, it's difficult.
      Also with a large collection many of the dolls don't get enough attention. Back when I only had 2, I used to take pictures of them more often, now I hardly find time to change their styling or take pictures.
      And dust!!! I cannot spend all hours to clean the room and with many dolls and things standing around, this is horror!! Most of my dolls wear black, you could dust them off every 3 hours.
      Doll boxes! I don't want to throw them away, also it's a good way to store clothes, but they take so much space!!

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?
      Well, yes, this happens from time to time.Everytime I see a new release I really want and when I see the last free space fading away. But when I think of selling one - I just can't!!Even there are several dolls which I think I wouldn't buy again, I still couldn't sell a single one since they are part of my doll family now. I love them all too much.
    7. Pros of a large collection: I don't have time to get bored with my dolls, there's always something to do on one of them. I have enough style options that I no longer feel the need to buy more dolls to get a style of clothing in my collection want, I have lots of dolls to faceup when I feel the need to do another one (though I still start looking for new ones sometimes ha ha), more than enough for interacting in photos and pretty much every character I wanted as a doll I have as a doll (minus the one my Saint will be if Dollshe ever sends it).
      With one or two exceptions, I am fabulous at posing all kinds of bodies, with all kinds of joints. I know how to fix what needs to be fixed to help them work better, and for the most part, I can because I've probably done it before. I've had plenty of restringing, wiring and sueding practice. I'm familiar with all sizes and shapes. I know what I like at this point because I've gone through so many companies and so many dolls so even my impulse buys have a greater chance of sticking around than they did even a year ago. Plus, having my dolls sitting around on shelves together makes me happy just looking at them! True, a smaller number would do this too, but if I had one less than what I've got, I'd be wanting that one....so I'd still feel like something was missing. I don't really have that feeling anymore, my collection is mostly complete and I like as is (not to say I don't want any more dolls lol, just that I don't need them in relation to the group as a whole anymore).

      I'm sure there's more, if there wasn't I'd be selling them off.

      Cons of a large collection: Space. I'm officially running out. I have to start finding a new place for my books to make room for dolls. I don't have time to devote to every doll all the time. This doesn't bother me as much as some people, my dolls can sit untouched for days, weeks....longer, and I don't care much. As long as I see them, I'm happy.
      Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the work I have to do on them. I have one that should be blushed and scarred and covered in tattoos and right now he's totally blank, naked, wigless and eyeless. *sigh* so much to do! most of my dolls are in various stages of completion, so there's really tons of work for me...and I tend to look for more every once in a while by buying a new doll. I guess it's a form of procrastination....That I'm good at.
      Oddly I don't worry so much about the money I spend on them...I do extra work to finance the doll habit lol so it's mostly money I wouldn't have anyway if I didn't want it to spend on dolls...so it's not something to freak out over. The bulk of my actual full-time job paycheck goes to life, not dolls.

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?
      Not really. When I first started out, I wanted about three dolls...then I quickly realized I'd end up with more than three (cause my second doll wasn't planned lol) and I stopped limiting myself. I went through a phase last year where I decided about half my dolls weren't working and I sold a bunch off....I now own more than I did then and I've finally realized it isn't about the numbers it's about the dolls. If I'm happy with every doll I own it doesn't matter what size my collection is. 4, 40, 400 (dear god lets hope not)...And I used to panic when I would hit a certain number that I thought was "too many", I'd find someone to sell and be happier, eventually buy a new doll and then the next number would be the "too many" number. But I found out that if I like them all, I don't have "doll anxiety" about the size or numbers. I can't even tell you off hand the exact number I own, I just don't dwell on it anymore. I can look at my dolls now and I can't really find anyone I want to sell! So even though I'm running out of room, and still want about 5 more, it doesn't bother me, because it's stable group, I like them and that's all that matters :)
    8. Liked reading these. Specially the one doll perspective! That is amazing, having stuck to one only!
      I thought I was going to be able to do that. Hmm.

      My collection: 4 dolls
      Pros of my collection size:

      I have two MSD girls and two teetiny puki girls. The four are not really a group and the big ones aren't near the tinies much, who inhabit their own fairy house and garden. Sometimes I am in the mood to handle the lil ones or do something for them. Other times I play with the big girls. Now I have a YoSD girl on order to hopefully tie the sizes together in a group more and to also have more play size variety for yet another mood. Then recently also ordered my first boy, MSD also. Another new thing.
      Six. will it end there? Anyway. Dolls for different moods, yet not so many yet that they overwhelm me and I feel I am neglecting some.

      Thinking hard. Small living space means really planning the space for their stuff and for the dolls themselves. Otherwise, none yet....

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?

      Not yet. I do feel that the two more coming may complete it though. That might be the end of the stretch of my budget and time and energy and space. We'll see. Unless we can get cloned in the real foreseeable future :lol:
    9. What exactly ARE the pro's and con's of having a collection your size? 32 dolls
      Pros: Choice. I have dolls for every mood.
      Cons: SPACE! I live in a tiny room. The dolls have more drawers for their clothing than I do.

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?

      I occasionally try to thin out the horde, but then I end up with more than I started with before the cull.
    10. What exactly ARE the pro's and con's of having a collection your size? (7 dolls, so medium-sized collection? All MSD)

      Pros: Have enough dolls around to make things interesting between characters. I have three girls and four boys, so the dynamics can change a lot. If I'm feeling a bit bored with one, can pull out another. Or can pull out a small group. Or if I'm feeling ambitious, the entire gang! So, a lot of choices. And it makes me happy to have so many choices.

      Cons: Well, cost obviously, for the dolls and for their clothes/wigs/eyes/etc. Takes a bit of time to sort out clothes/wigs and keep them in order. Storage space hasn't been a problem so far, but then again, I do keep my dolls in their boxes when I'm not using them and I don't have them out on display (we have sometimes-destructive cats). Working out a system to keep the clothes/wigs/eyes/etc in order where things can be found quickly took a bit of time. Maintenance takes a while, too. I'm currently sueding my gang and have to space out the process.

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?

      It does come to mind on occasion, since mine are all MSD and I do like the larger sizes! But getting another size would mean more investment in the clothes/wigs/eyes/etc and I don't want to do that. So I just admire other people's dolls!

      I think there is a lot to be said for both large and small collections. For myself, I never intended to have more than a couple of dolls, but obviously that didn't work out!
    11. Good question!

      What exactly ARE the pro's and con's of having a collection your size? (small or large)
      I have about two dozen dolls of all sizes.

      I have enough dolls to cast a photostory, or a Cecil B. DeMille epic. ;)
      I don't worry about buying a wig or shoes the wrong size, because somebody can wear it.
      I can have fun with different clothing and hair styles.
      They seem to develop more "personality" when they can interact with each other.

      Space, or lack of it. The closet is full, and there are dolls displayed on every flat surface.
      It's hard to give them all the attention they deserve. Sometimes they stay in the same outfit for months at a time!
      I have to sew for all different sizes and styles, so no one gets a nice big wardrobe. Also the fabric and pattern collections are huge.

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?
      Yes, definitely! I often fantasize about have just one or two dolls. But I would have a hard time paring down the collection that far.
    12. I have a pretty extensive collection although it pales in comparison to some people's LOL! I have abut 30 right now.

      Pros: Lots of dolls to look at! I don't have them out a lot but when I'm in the mood there is certainly one to fit! Lots of photo shoot potential too. I like it when I can have a little group together. And I know who looks good with who.

      I'm 100% behind the poster who said they like to be surrounded by beautiful things, the more the better. I love my dolls and each one is unique! And a little bit rare.

      The more the merrier! I think 1 doll is fun but lots of dolls funner!

      Cons: A few of my dolls, for one reason or another, rarely see the light of day. I keep them boxed for protection and they store easier that way too. So they don't get out all the time or very much. But I try to take them to meet-ups and things on a rotational basis.

      Money for shoes/clothes/wigs falls by the wayside. They don't get much! I'm usually buying more dolls! LOL! I try to buy them a few things at the very beginning and then they don't get much after that... I look at clothes and wigs a lot but I don't buy. It's kind of frustrating because there is a lot I want to buy for them but I can't. BUT I'm kind of learning to sew so I'm hoping that will help!

      Size: I would like more dolls! I am a collector first I guess. I would like to add more dolls to my collection. I guess it would be nice to be happywith just a few but it's just not me.
    13. My collection: 10 dolls

      Pros of my collection size: I love being surrounded by beautiful things, especially things of a timeless and artistic nature. Fortunately, so does my husband. So what I've done is to create multiple display spaces that work like 3 dimensional visual art pieces within my home...and I've populated these "artworks" with the dolls I love. The pros of having 10 dolls are many. First of all, hubby got into helping me early on and I can't possibly count the hours and hours of fun we've had (and continue to have) haunting flea markets and quirky little vintage shops for items to repurpose for their many displays. Secondly, the entire family loves their uniqueness and diversity! While the kids may tease us good-naturedly about our place looking like a museum, they're very quick to bring friends over to show it off. And after all, as far as I'm concerned, who wouldn't want to live in an art museum?;) Thirdly, I got bored doing two-dimensional paintings a long time ago, and 10 dolls really gives me a tremendous amount of creative bang for my buck. I'm always having fun fussing with them, rearranging them and their displays, doing new faceups, making wigs and outfits, creating characters and stories. The next thing I want to do is get more into the photography end. With 10 dolls, the collection is still quite managable for me while knowing there will always be something new to create for them around the corner.:)

      Cons of my collection size: Certainly, there's always a danger of it all getting out of hand if I'm not careful, or of getting overwhelmed with so much to do and make. But fortunately the fact that they have their special "display areas" limits my collection from growing too large because I've already maxed out the available space in my home. Being an artist, I have very definite ideas about artistic proportions, and while I love the organized clutter look of a collage which best defines the style of their spaces, I only allow a certain percentage of that decorative space to be taken up by the doll itself (roughly 1 doll per 4 square feet of display floorspace looks right to me from my artistic perspective.) This keeps my numbers tightly in control (thank goodness!) The other con of course is the cost of all this. I'll never know how I managed to pull it off on such a tight budget as I did, but then I'll never be brave enough to inventory everything and add up all the actual costs either!!!:lol:

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now? Sure, but only for about 60 seconds or so...once my common sense kicks in, I realize I have the perfect size collection for me. Fewer and I'd become bored...more and I'd start to feel overwhelmed, like my collection was unbalanced.
    14. Doll Count: 15 (incl. 2 heads that share bodies with other dolls)

      Pros: (very similar to what others have said)
      ~ I have a ton of options for my different moods
      ~ My storyline is very strongly connected to my dolls because about 90% of my characters are in doll form.
      ~ (may not be a big collection thing and more of just a me thing) but it's very easy for me to look at my collection and see the one that will go if I ever need money. Having so many dolls, I see myself constantly neglecting giving attention of two or three.
      ~ I like being able to say "oh I have that mold!" if people want to see something (often this happens at doll meets) Being able to share my collection and allow people to see molds that they haven't seen in person is always cool :)

      ~ The biggest con is moving them all. It was surreal moving my collection to my apartment a few months ago. It turned into a giant project. Making sure everyone was properly packed, stacking the boxes on the kitchen table[which they completely buried] and double checking again to make sure everyone was there, moving the boxes into my car and playing tetris in my back seat to get them all in their safe and secure, and then finally moving them into my apartment and taking them all back out.
      ~ Having all their stuff that goes along with them. It was easy organizing and keep track of outfits for a handful of dolls, but now it's increasingly difficult and I'm constantly losing bits of clothing.
      ~ Displaying them all together, for me, is near impossible. They no longer all fit on the "doll shelf". For a while they all sat in a line down the half wall of my kitchen, but I'm constantly afraid of walking past and knocking them off so they don't. So now they just kinda sit in groups. Some on my desk, some on the doll shelf, some sitting on doll furniture in the corner of my room.
      ~ It's very hard to "spoil" the dolls. I want to so bad just blow mass amounts of money (basically a doll amount, so like 500$ or so) on doll clothing, but I just can't ever decide which dolls get the wardrobe upgrade. They all deserve it, and to me it feels pointless to have super nice clothes for one doll while the one it's taking pictures with is wearing some crap that I made that is all pinned in the back.

      Have you ever caught yourself thinking you'd rather have a collection in a size smaller or larger than what you have now?

      All the time I wish I could go back to having 3 or four. Would be much easier to make them nicer, to appreciate them more.
      But every time I look at my collection, I love each doll for different reasons, and they're each different characters with very strong personalities that couldn't be replaced by someone who's already there.
    15. My collection: 7 dolls

      I love posing them together in their own little groups. Everyone always needs something, so I never have to stop shopping. Since many of them are the same size I mix and match their outfits all the time. There is always a doll to suit my mood, and one for every day of the week!

      Cons: I only consider 2 out of the 7 complete at this point, it still feels like an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done. I never seem to have enough time to do what I need to do with them, I have dolls missing blushing, missing clothes, wearing temporary wigs, waiting for mods. I'm ok for space now, but even one more would tip the scale, I'm really not sure where I would put another one. My money is always torn between getting a new doll or finishing the ones I have now, and even then which ones to finish first.

      Do I wish I had a different collection size?
      Yes and no. I sometimes think it would be nicer just to have 2 or 3 that were totally complete, but I don't want to get rid of anyone.
    16. My collection: 32, with 2 on the way.

      Pros to large:
      I have all the dolls on my "A" wish-list, as well as many on my "B"-list too.
      I love being surrounded by beautiful things, & getting to step back and look at them en masse.
      I love having this crowd of stunning beauties to show for my efforts, 6 years' worth of hard shopping & customizing & collecting.

      Cons to large: Obviously, storage-space is finite. At least, nobody has yet made an Infinite Space Annex module that my apartment is zoned for.

      I can't think of any other cons to having a large collection. I wanted a roomful of dolls, I have one, I'm a happy cavegirl. :aheartbea

      Do I wish I had a different collection size?: No. I've entertained the fantasy, the way I idly imagine what it'd be like to win the lottery & buy that adorable little black house up on Nob Hill, but it's not a wish. I'm not a person who's into self-deprivation and self-denial and all those weird old White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant-ethic thingamawhoozies.... I work hard, so I enjoy getting to have what I like, as long as I can afford it & find room for it. So, stopping at 1 doll and having to say No to *absolutely* everything else, it just doesn't appeal to me.
    17. My collection: 2 dolls (with 2 and a head incoming)

      Pros: They don't take up much space at all! I'm also able to spend a lot of time with each of them and focus on getting them lots of outfits and the perfect hair and eyes. Noone is left out in the cold ^_^

      Cons: I really want more dolls! Simple as! It gets lonely with just two; my dolls get lonely as well. Photoshoots aren't as interesting and I'm sad not to have a choice of who to give attention to.

      Do I wish I had a different collection size?
      I sold a lot of my dolls for the money but I miss having multiple characters, like having a little gang. I want interaction between my dolls and to be able to photograph them together as their characters would be! It especially doesn't help that my current dolls aren't even the same size so they're always alone. Then again I suppose it isn't feasible for me to have a collection over 5 at the moment as I have no space to put them all in.
    18. Official personal doll count: 2. Maximum number of dolls carried around at a single time: 5 (the 3 were someone else's)

      I can see how much fun it would be to have a larger collection of dolls. The potential for photographs, drawing poses, sewing inspiration, and poses are endless. The only disadvantage I can really see is back pain from hauling around a bunch of dolls (even 2 is pushing my weak back). Otherwise, if someone has a large collection of dolls they really like or enjoy, I see nothing wrong with it.
    19. My collection: Currently, I have two heads with commissioned face ups (and wigs and eyes for them). I've had a total of 7 different types of dolls over the years (the most I had at one time was 3). I found the hobby while in high school and was unable to save up extensive amounts of money as I was heading off to college, so my group has stayed pretty small, but I like it that way for the most part. I don't really consider myself a collector and my small group of dolls a collection though--I think that connotation does not suit why I get dolls. I don't get them because they're limited or I have a desire for every different type of mold, which some people do and that's totally fine, but I just get them because they're fun, I enjoy them, and I can make a character for them! c:

      Pros: I keep my dolls in storage (in my closet in a box) when I'm not playing with them, and when I have just a few, they don't take up a lot of space! I am able to customize them to the fullest extent! I design and sew their clothes, so I can make a lot of variations for one character, rather than making one outfit for like 20 dolls or something, haha!

      I can see my "collection" size changing once I get a full-time job (I'd have some extra cash to spend on hobby stuff), but for right now I just recycle the money I get from doll stuff into my own doll purchases. My tastes have changed a lot over the years as well, and I don't have a huge sentimental attachment to my dolls, so if I don't like them, I sell them to get new ones. Thankfully, with a smaller collection this is a bit easier (still took a year to sell my last 3 dolls!), but generally not the easiest thing ever now because of the economy.

      Cons: I do like having a smaller group of dolls, but it can get boring at times! I know when I only had one doll, it got boring pretty quickly. Thankfully, I can let my dolls "sit" for a while unfinished (without bodies, etc), but I would love to get at least my Ryu a body soon.

      Do I wish I had a different collection size?
      There are always going to be dolls out there that I want or certain characters that I'd like to get in doll form, but right now I like having a group of 5 or under. When I had multiple dolls at once, I actually had a pretty hard time posing 3 SDs together, so I can't imagine trying to pose a ton at the same time! c: Overall, I would like to get a body for at least my Ryu soon, get my Ryu a companion (whether that's my Lina or some other mold), and possibly get a Sard, Chalco hybrid, and a tiny (I've always wanted a LTF Ante). :B I'd be perfectly okay with that. And who knows, by the time I get my Ryu a body, I might want to redo my collection again, haha!

      Generally though, I feel that my tastes have probably evened out, so to speak, by now. Originally, I got dolls that I liked, but as I became more aware of the different companies, I quickly desired more fantasy-esque dolls (I love elf ears!)--dolls with a little more personality and character to their molds, and finally I wanted not only some fun element, but also dolls that were what I like to call "semi-realistic," not super realistic like some minimees, but not super distorted either. I think I've found the types of dolls that have character and are semi-realistic, and so I don't see my collection changing too much from here on out (unless I buy something and don't like it in person or something, haha!). Generally, I like having a doll and a companion for said doll, so all of my dolls will probably come in pairs, haha! I would like to keep it 5 or under, though.

      P.S. I think it's super interesting to hear everyone's opinions and thoughts! I remember you posted pictures of your whole collection, Jenny, and I always wondered your thoughts on having a large group (so much pretty in one space!).
    20. My collection thinned down a bit as I've sold a few and have others packed away with the intention of selling. I'm keeping thirteen out of the original 21 (and two heads). However, I didn't thin out for reasons of wanting a smaller group -- some of my tastes have changed a little and I wanted to refine what I had. As the opportunity arises, I'm sure the numbers will go back up.

      Having a larger group gives me the ability to play more with different looks and create more characters. Different dolls fit into my other interests (ex steampunk dolls, dolls of some of my OCs, fan dolls from my fave series etc). If I only had a few dolls, I wouldn't be able to do as much. Having more dolls does take up more space, it does take more money to cloth everybody to a standard that makes me happy, and I do have to pick and choose who I want to take places. Sometimes the idea of having just a few to spoil like crazy seems (to me) a nice idea, but when it comes down to it, I wouldn't be as happy with fewer dolls -- it would limit me too much.