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Pros and Cons of Dollmore Models

Jul 31, 2008

    1. Hi!
      Here's another one of my pros and cons threads. I am getting a dollmore model doll really soon. I would like to hear from owners of these giant beauties!
    2. I would like to hear some too~
    3. I have a friend that has one. She has a DM Uri Rich. The problem she has with them is that they slouch no matter what you do and are tightly strung...So his arms fling up a lot. XD
    4. I'm going to get a model doll too. So interesting
    5. I own a Dollmore Model doll. Female. Ipsae Monahan. She is strung reasonably well. I don't like the bulging thigh though. It's just the way they come apparently. I see several doll companies tend to make the females that way. But I think I can fix it with some sanding inside torso and seat the legs a bit differently. Her eyes are set too far back inside her head but again I can fix. I do like her actually. Just a case of working on her figure flaw is all.

      Update: Fixed eyes and she's fine. Just needed a small adjustment. The thigh thing I may do later. All in all I like the doll. I also got the Auden head for it as well. Looks nice too! I'd say over all I'm happy with her! No idea about male Dollmore dolls though....
    6. Oh, good things to know! Thank you Paulajtm and TsukiHiroshi!!
    7. ...and I think she is great! I am thrilled to have her. I love her figure. She has beautiful curves and poses nicely. I haven't had any trouble with her at all.

      I got her the high heeled feet too which I love.



      I love her so much I'd happily buy another DM Model! I'd love an Eva! I have a Bonnie head which I painted but she has no body of her own.

    8. I've just received a Model Doll Ha-Yarn Cho. I'm very impressed. She did seem to slouch at first, but with a bit of fiddling about I managed to make her stop doing it!
      The body is lovely - if even more disproportionate than other dolls - very long legs! Really nice and curvy, though (although I can see how some people might dislike how wide the hips are).
      She poses and stands well and is beautifully sculpted. The stringing on mine seemed just about right. Over all I'm very pleased and very impressed with her.

      The main draw back, I would say, is finding clothes to fit them!

    9. How about finding shoes that fit her?
    10. dollmore sell plenty :)
    11. While the dollmore Model body I had (Bella Auden) posed nicely and did some neat things it was the hardest doll I have ever had to restring! Also her thighs would spin backwards all the time and it drove me nuts!
    12. I find I'm having the same trouble with my Ipsae. I think it's fixable (sueding I think it's called) but not sure I want to bother. I have the Bella head and may switch heads then think about it. May sell both Ipsae and the head plus the few this and that's (stockings, undies and bra. And undies she came with) I bought for her on Ebay. Not sure yet.

      I do like her but she needs far more work then I feel I can handle. Or want to handle.
    13. Umm, I don't have any experience about BJD but I've read some.
      Do you think the wiring will help?? Sorry if it is a silly suggestion.^^"
    14. CoreDrill it's not a silly suggestion at all. I read about it too. Will try it. I do like her. Just a lot of work. I'm putting new eyes in and have that to do as well.

      Will be putting photo's up later this evening. Had a request for them. Also might as well do all my dolls at the same time. 4 so far. Dalia, Rio, Model doll Ipsae/Bella, and Flood. (Two on order Sabik and Vega) Still trying to figure out how but will give it a shot. A bit busy this morning. Just took a break from weeding my garden. May do photo's near the water feature.
    15. I have a Haneol Moon, and he doesn't have a slouch, so it may just occur depending on who does the stringing at Dollmore. He is a great poser, especially his upper body and arms.

      CoreDrill- DenverDoll sells really cute Dale Rae shoes for the female Model Dolls.
    16. I have 5 Dollmore Model girls, so obviously, I like em, alot!LOL

      The only drawbacks for me are the following:
      1. Some of the heads are on S hooks, so it's a real pain to remove the heads
      2. The hands could be more lifelike and in better scale

      Other than that I have no complaints. Wiring them helps a lot with their stability. I have found lots of shoe sources for them, including Dale Rae designs who make custom sized shoes just for those girls. As to clothes, there are a few of us who sew for them as well as Dollmore offers lots of clothing options for them.
    17. Paulajtm - Thanks for the pics^^, I wonder if you can take a photo of your Dalia and Bella standing together side by side? I would like to see the comparison^^"

      SoCalRoberta+Gayle - Thanks for the suggestion^^
    18. i've got an ipsae myself, and i love her to death. there are only a couple of things that i would consider cons about her.
      -the s hook in the head. it is and absolute pain in the arse to remove the head or put it back on, it can almost be painful to do and an extra set of hands is pretty much a must if you're going to remove or put the head back on.
      -her foot size does make it a little difficult to find shoes for, but i manage with only two pairs. clothes might also be a con for some people (not for me as my sister is a whiz with the sewing machine).;) but there are customizers on the board there who sew for these beauties so clothes aren't too much much trouble to find.
      -i've also noticed with ipsae -- as well as some other dollmore dolls -- that depending on how the lips are painted she can be beautiful or down right ugly.:sweat ipsae's lips are a little unusual, they have a gap between them that is quite large but not impossible to work around. like i said with the right face-up the odd lip thing can be hidden.

      other than that there's not any thing else that i can think of as a con. she poses beautifully, the body -- all though not very realistic at all -- is quite beautiful, and her resin is a great texture and color.