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Pro's and Con's to JID size Iple House..?

Oct 19, 2016

    1. I'm brand new to the BJD world and have decided that I want to get a JID doll. So I have started the pain staking process of saving my money for a quality doll brand new and I've narrowed it down to the 'MIni' size but want a mature doll not a childlike one; I chose this size because I feel the 60cm are just too large for my first doll. Anyways, Since many of you have been here much longer than I am I'm looking for some good/bad feedback particularly to the JID size from Iple House, compared to whatever else there is! Thanks everyone in advance! I can't wait to hear what others have to say!

    2. I have a JID Violet the only thing that is bad about it If you can say is its a little hard to find clothes for them from other places. their bodies are not like typical 45cm dolls. they are much curvier than others. but other than that they are great dolls
    3. I just got my Iplehouse jid Tania and I love her. To me she just feels more substantial than other msds. I have had minifees and a Dreaming Doll MSD and I definitely prefer my Iplehouse. She is on the older body which is not bad but I think the newer one looks more natural. Don't get me wrong, the minifees were beautiful sculpts but they just felt more delicate. As far as clothes go, there are shops on etsy that sell clothes made for jids as well as on eBay. I surely recommend one.
    4. An Iplehouse JID doll (male or female) can actually look like a child or an adult depending on the faceup and the clothes you get. Did I mention how gorgeous they are? They are very versatile and it is almost impossible to make an Iplehouse doll look terrible. Currently though, Iplehouse makes (FID) Fashion Iplehouse Dolls that look more mature than JIDs but you might have to buy them on their Custom Doll System.

      That being said, Iplehouse JID bodies are slightly more heavy and broad/curvy, so regular MSD or 1/4 scale clothing will fit tightly or not at all.

      Mobility might be an issue. Because Iplehouse dolls are heftier, a lot of the poses won't hold as nicely as you want them to, but that can be easily fixed with sueding, hot glue sueding, or by using silicone rings.

      Iplehouse dolls have c-rings that conceal the S-hook attached to the hand which is aesthetically pleasing, but sometimes c-rings can become lost just as easily.

      All in all, if you find Iplehouse aesthetics pleasing, you will definitely enjoy their JID line.

    5. I found a very nice etsy creator who will custom what she makes to fit the doll I'm looking into, since I'm hoping to order clothing before buying a naked doll. :p Violet was one of the JID I was looking into.
    6. I found myself its too hard to find clothes fitting to my JID Kyle. He have really stunning body shape, I just planned to make clothes for him myself.