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Psyche A Line head for Volks SD/SD13 body

Oct 25, 2009

    1. This head was made available back in February, but it seems to have escaped everyone's notice.

      Psyche, the Korean sculptor of the mini-sized head Sasaeum and the Dollshe-sized head X, has made a third head which is intended for Volks pureskin SD10/SD13 bodies. It is called "A" and was made for those of us who like sleepy eyes and open mouths. :D It's not really clear what size that makes the neck hole. She shows him on a 13 boy body, but he's wearing a turtleneck. :doh

      These photos are from her blog:

      He takes 9.5 inch wigs and 16-18mm eyes. Face-ups are not available. Resin match is intended for Volks but not guaranteed. Price is maybe $110? :? I'm pretty sure she didn't mean $11, but that's what the shop page seems to say.

      Psyche is one of the old school hobbyist sculptors with a day job, so she doesn't operate the way to which a lot of new collectors are accustomed. She took a month to respond to my inquiry in English. She only accepts payment via bank transfer and specifically told me that she does not take Paypal for personal reasons.

      I haven't decided if I'm going to try to order one of these cuties. I really love the X head I have and sculpt is flawless. Her "amateur" work is of a much higher quality than some of the new companies who use computer 3D modeling. There are several people who have bought directly from her who occasionally do group orders where fluency in Korean is required and that may be the easiest way to obtain one of these heads, but I'll let them volunteer rather than singling them out in this thread. ;)

      Psyche Line website here.

      p.s. Psyche has been refusing requests for the X head for years, so I'm guessing it's still pointless to ask her to rerelease Sasaeum or X. :eusa_sile