Ptichka Dolls by Irina Kuzina

Apr 15, 2019

    1. Since there is no thread for this doll I will start one with my new girl from Irina Kuzina! She's about 30 CM. She comes fully sueded and you can get one blank with eyes or get a face up, body blushing and add a wig! Her wigs are so well made too, I can't understand how they can be so fine and soft! Anyway I hope others will post their new dolls here in this thread too! She has instagram if you want to see more of her dolls.

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    2. Beautiful :D
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    3. Love your Ptichka willobea
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    4. Thank you Kimberly!
    5. Thank you!!
    6. She’s very lovely!! I have a friend who has one, does anyone know where to get suitable shoes please?
    7. Do you have Instagram? @totsamijlis is planning to make some shoes for ptichka soon
    8. I’m so excited! My Lora arrived today and she’s beautiful. (Lora is the name on the certificate of authenticity.) The resin is soft and ultra smooth and the light color is exactly what I hoped it would be. I took pictures but, because I haven’t been on DoA for forever, I don’t know how to upload them. I’ll do some research and try later. I placed her next to my Dollzone Evan and am amazed by the differences. Lora is beautifully refined. I especially love her face, ears and feet.
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    9. Congrats! Can’t wait to see her. I usually upload my photos to Flickr and then share them here
    10. I saw there is a new pre order planned for August. But I am curious if there are some more people who make shoes for them now?
    11. Hello everyone! Does anyone know what size clothes this doll wears? Are there any dolls she can share with? I don’t have any dolls this size so just wondering what to search as far as clothes go. Thank you for any help!
    12. Hi! I had Lora and she wore some of the larger blythe dresses, and I really can't remember what else she wore! But the sleeves need to be bigger so her hands fit through.
    13. Oops you asked about shoes not clothes! lol There is a girl in Russia ? I think she makes some shoes/boots to fit and I think maybe a few others do too now. Instagram would be the place to search I think.
    14. I posted about clothes to the wrong person! I had this doll and I had her wearing a blythe dress, just have to make sure the hands fit through the sleeves/cuffs. Not sure what else of blythe fit her, but I think you can search Instagram for others who have the doll and see what they put on them.
    15. Kinda frustrated about the lack of shoes :/
    16. I just looked it up and it's : totsamijlis
      on instagram she makes some really cute ones!! But she's probably in Russia.
    17. She has an etsy shop so that makes it easier!
    18. Thank you! I contacted her so I'm getting some made ^_^
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    19. WONDERFUL!!!! So glad I could help you out! :)
    20. I also found out that some skim yosd shoes and clothes fit her ❤
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