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Public Apology from Cerberus Project TM

Nov 5, 2004

    1. We sincerely thank the customers who love and take interest in our dolls, and send our dolls with gratitude. Nevertheless, we heard that there are people who have been disappointed with us. Firstly, we ask for your understanding that we asked a third person to post this message, as our English is short. We apologize deeply that some customers are disappointed with recent incidents, and this has been an opportunity for us to self-examine and reflect upon the mistakes we made. We will not just stop at this, but try our hardest to meet the international Delf owners’ expectations and trust.

      We would like to briefly explain the problems made with the makeup request.

      Up until the selling of Elf Shiwoo, we used to do the makeup ourselves. But since then, we became too busy, and requested two artists to do the makeup instead. And for some reason one of the artist seemed to mix up the requests and gave unsatisfactory results.

      However, this was not just the artist’s fault, but also ours because we did not check the makeup carefully enough. For this, we feel distressed and sorry.

      To the customers who received unsatisfactory makeup and are disappointed, we apologize from the bottom of our heart, and if there is second chance, we will try our best to not make the same mistake again to distress the customers.

      Although we do not think that we would be forgiven for this incident, we will receive recalls if you wish, especially if you received a different type/skinned Delf. If you can send the whole Delf back to us, we will either send money back (amount you originally paid + shipping) or send you a different Delf (also with the shipping money) if you wish.

      For the customers who are not satisfied with the makeup, it would be great if you can send just the head back to us, but if you find it too hard to separate the head, send the whole Delf. (We strongly recommend that you only send the head to us though)

      As for the makeup, because we have stopped asking for the artist we used to work with, we will request it to the Luts makeup artist. In this case, however, it’ll be very hard to get the makeup done other than Luts default style. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

      With recalling of wrong order, or makeup, it’ll take around 3 weeks* till the whole process is completed. We also ask for your understanding.

      Since Elf El is limited, and sold out, (although we did only receive one inquiry about wrong skin type sent) there will be no recall for Elf El. Should you decide to send Elf El back to us, we will send the money back to you.

      Lastly, we apologize deeply to customers who have been hurt and disappointed with wrong order because of order confusion, and other matters, and we will endeavor that this will not happen again.

      * Because I have end of year exams at the moment (Nov 9~17), I will be processing all the recalling enquires and the enquires already posted at my website (http://liria.pooroo.net) post to this date. In the meanwhile, you may post at my “Problems and Enquires” board on my website for all recall incidents, but it will be processed after my exams. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

      P.S. After my exams, I’ll also be working on making a new order board and order form, as the one I’m using at the moment has been causing quite a few problem and is fairly difficult to use. The new system, hopefully, will be much easier for you to use and for CP to check the order requests. Orders will resume once this system is complete and tested.

      P.P.S. Just to clarify things... Cerberus Project TM and eLuts are independent from one and other in terms of receiving and processing order inquiries. (CP receives orders through me and eLuts uses their website.)
    2. Although this did not happen to me, I would like to say...

      thank you very much for your kind and sincere apology! It has distressed many people, but I am sure that now, the problems will hopefully be able to work themselves out. I am sure that everyone is very grateful to you for sending an apology and explaining what has been going on.

      thank you! ^_^

      yeah, um... ^_^ have a nice day.... I guess...? ^^;;;

    3. Yes, thank you for addressing the problems that have been happening lately. We truly appreciate what you and CP do for us and I know I speak for more than just msyelf when I say that I love my CP dolls and I hope they never stop making them! ^_^
    4. Liria~
      When I bought my shiwoo elf from you last January I was extremely pleased with him and how fast he was shipped. I love the CP dolls and I'm always delighted to see them in person. Please thank CP for all their hardwork on these dolls. With the sudden obsession with the Elf Els I can understand how swamped they must have been! Again, thank you to CP and thank you too Liria for taking time to work this all out. :3
    5. I applaud CP's responsiveness. It's unfortunate the mistakes were made, but if they are used as a lesson and a learning experience, and are genuinely addressed -- as this message implies -- then the mixups won't have been in vain.

      Good luck and best wishes. Hopefully everything will get sorted out soon. I'm sure this message will be very helpful in restoring people's confidence in CP dolls.
    6. Thank you Liria, for relaying that to us... I got my Elf El in August, and was very pleased with your, and CP's service. I got the wrong make up, but I won't be sending his head back, because I'm actually quite happy with the default one.

      It's great that CP have responded so well to the problems, and I'm glad they're offering to fix what they can. I hope this works out the best for everyone that has had problems and that you can all get what you requested!

      Special thanks for Liria for being our middleman... you've done a great job and we do appreciate it! :D
    7. Btw, best of luck on your exams! ^_^;;
    8. I think it's really good that Liria and CP have taken the time to respond on these boards. Most of the time problems are made worse by poor (or lacking) communication or not knowing if someone is cares about mistakes or not.

      Clearly, Liria and CP show that it is important to them that their customers are happy, and that orders are correct.

      I'm happy to say that Liria has been very good about communicating with me about my order. I believe the problem with my order will be resolved. And even if things turn out to be not 100% the way I wanted--it helps to know that everyone did care and tried their best.

      Even with the mix-up on my order, I have to say that the dolls CP make are still my first choice to own.

    9. Thanks so much for this! I feel so much better now. I never did get my elf Shiwoo's head sent back but I sent him to someone else and he came out beautifully so it all worked out in the end! :) This is much appreciated. You have no idea how much I adore CP dolls.
    10. Putting in my two cents--

      I recieved my El from you in May and I have nothing but good things to say. It was my first time ordering a doll, but you and CP made the whole experience the best it could be.

      I really respect CP's dedication to their customer service and their sincere attempts to make their customers happy.

      Thank you!
    11. WOW! :o

      How professional is this?!

      I am so happy that Liria and CP are able to offer explanation and remedy to those that did not receive items to satisfaction.

      Very cool and classy! :grin:
    12. Hello Liria! I received my lovely Lishe in October, through you, and I love her. CP did not paint her lips the color I had requested, but as it turns out I believe she prefers the color they are. :grin: She is an amazing doll, and I am impressed with CP's workmanship. I am looking forward to her having another Lishe to keep her company.

      Thanks to CP for their nice apology. Growing pains are difficult, and we know they are busy and there is a learning curve to adjust to the increased business. Hopefully they will find themselves happy with Luts painting, although it's a shame we will not see any more of CP's lovely painting. I believe they had a look all their own.

      Liria, best wishes for your exams!

    13. Thankyou for the message!! Its realy good of CP to do this!
      And I just want to add an extra THANKYOU to Liria for all the hard work she has put in, and all the messages she sent me :D Good luck with your exams girl!! :grin:

      Charlie *^_^*
    14. I'm glad that the recent problems have not put them off in any way! :D

      They are very kind to offer solutions at their expence, I hope everyone will be able to sort their problems out to a satisfactory standard. ^_^

      Although I wasn't affected I plan to order in the future and it is reasuring to hear such a considerate appology, I hope they'll be able to stop anything like this happening again. :grin:

      And good luck in your exams Liria! :chibi
    15. I also like to thank Liria~ For she has provided me with sound advice on my dark soo head and she has been professional with every step of my order~

      I did have problems with my order but it's all resolved efficiently due to her~ I get to keep my Dean and I had to solve my dark soo head problem (both physical and face up)...Best of luck for ur exams, Liria~

      For me to buy from CP will still require special considerations in the near future... especially in the face up department~ But I still say their dolls are fabulous and this post actually show how much they care for CP doll owners~ :D
    16. Thank you so much Liria and CP for such a wonderful and thoughtful apology. I also adore CP dolls and would never want for them to stop producing them. I am sure things will now start to sort themselves out and I will definitely be placing more orders with them.

      On both of my orders with Liria and CP I have received fantastic customer service and the face-ups I requested have been beautiful and what I envisaged when I placed my orders.

      Thank you for taking the time and letting us know that CP care about their customers.

      Best of luck with your exams Liria!! :wink:
    17. Thank you so much Liria & CP for this apology and explanation.
      Thank you also for the solution you proposed (special thoughts for the ones who are concerned...)

      I ordered my very first BJD in april with Liria : it was my beloved Nyle - Shiwoo elf BW. All was perfect, quick and smooth. :grin:

      CP your BJD are wonderful, beautiful and so realistic ! I love the shape of their bodies so much ! I'm kinda CP addicted ! :D

      So please, keep on going.

      You made mistakes ? Fix them. But remember that you have fans around the world.

    18. It's refreshing to have a company admits mistakes and mix ups.
      Also make such generous offers to their customers.

      Now I sure hope those disgruntled customers follow through and get their orders corrected! *course if they read Liria's posting*

      The ball is their court now. *disgruntled customers, that is*
    19. Thanks to liria for the apology and also the proposition to take back the dolls.As for me ,I am going to keep mine the way she is - I am slightly afraid that ,in the end ,she wouldn't look as good as I had hoped anyway .I am not wiling to take the risk to be disappointed again and my Soo special doesn't look too bad - or I've grown accustomed to her ,I don't know .
      I will probably order a Cp doll again in the future if I find one that I like .But in the meantime I definitely appreciate that Cp takes its customers as heart - as we take their dolls actually .