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puki and re-ment scale?

Nov 10, 2008

    1. Hi all,

      My puki addiction has reached the point where I need furniture and toys for them. Does anyone know what scale Re-ment stuff is, and whether that scale is ok for pukis? What scale would you say pukis are?
    2. Most of the re-ment items are designed for 1/6 scale dolls, some to my eye appear smaller, and a very small fraction are 1/12. I have seen puki with re-ment (browsing Flickr) and it still looks cute. I read in the main puki thread and someone just said puki are 1/17 scale, but most of the time they are posed with traditional dollhouse 1/12 size items and they look like a small child in comparison to this scale. very sweet :)
    3. Thanks! So, just to be sure I'm not a total math idiot, 1:6 scale means if my Puki is 4.5 inches tall, that's like 2 1/4 feet tall? Like a one-year-old baby?
    4. 1/6 scale is Barbie sized
      1/12 scale is Puki sized.
    5. I'm working on a picture database of sorts, and have a few pictures of my Pukisha with what few Rements I have so far in it, if you'd like to have a visual comparison:


      Some sets seem to scale with them better than others, but they're all roughly the right size.
    6. Thanks for the picture link! It is really helpful to actually see the re-ment things with a doll :)
    7. Vicemage, do you need help? I have a lot of re-ment and I can take some photos for you. Pm me if you want!

      ToysRGood, re-ment food and various things are very useful for pukis. Also the little pieces of furniture, the ones sold in blind boxes (like "beans eggs & strawberry", "mushroom house", "strawberry house" and so on), not the big ones (like the kitchen, the desk, the cafe table, the fridge which are 1/6) are good. Other good things are lunbdy furniture (lundby scale is 1/18), and also sylvanian families things fit. I have a bed (for the adult sylvanian, the children's one is too little) and it fits my puki perfectly.
    8. What a great resource! *bookmarks*
    9. My firend finally broke down and made my puki a bed, table and chair. I have been pestering him for almost 6 months and I finally got what I wanted. He does metal work in all sizes and is very talented. I just saw the first samples last night and he hopes to finish them within a week. I´ll take pics when they are all done. He might accept more orders if you ware interested in metal furniture.
    10. Vicemage, that is a very helpful site!
    11. Thank you. ^_^ I'm actually on my way out to run some errands, and pick up a couple more sets for more comparisons.

      Edit: I added in three new sets, and another box from one of the existing sets (sadly, the last one was a duplicate... sigh.) I think I'll be selling off pieces of these, too.
    12. You all rock! (Runs to local Re-Ment store, searches Lundby on eBay...)
    13. Thank you for sharing this. It looks like the individual food items work pretty well with Puki but the serving dishes and boxes seem large. Adorable though.

    14. A lot of those food items and other smaller bits will be what I'm selling individually, actually, because I need everything to scale better to my MSDs (I only have the one Puki). So as I keep doing this project, you should start to see those smaller items in the marketplace, once I get around to setting up a sales thread.

      Not tonight, though... up much too late already. -.-