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Puki : Boots or more sophisticated shoes ?

Nov 18, 2008

    1. It is really hard to find some beautiful shoes (not babies shoes/mary-jane) or Boots for Puki size !

      There are only Kelly/Shelly plastic shoes, babies shoes or Pocket fairies with big socks !

      Do you know where i can buy a beautiful, sophisticated shoes or Boots shoes ?

      Please and Thank you !!!!
    2. http://annetta.vox.com/library/post/pukipuki-faq.html

      I have Vivia's shoes
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I also have Rosa's boots but for PF

      Also check mimissstuff (I don't remember if it's correct this way or with two "s", mimisstuff) here on doa. She makes wonderful boots.
      mimi's boots

      It's a problem to find shoes for boys. So I also made some shoes (with a magnet, they work like optional feet) cause I wanted some sneaker/sporty shoes.
    3. I did buy a few pairs of the winged boots-I've yet to paint them ^__^;-but have a look at genie stallings's sales thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=209867

      She makes awesome leather shoes for puki. Here's my Kokoro in a pair (Don't mind Simcha, he's an attention hog):
    4. I don't want handmade shoes but if i have no choices :3 ! Monique doesn't fit to Puki (i had already visited this site) ! I am a finicky personn :'( !!!!!!! thx !

      any body with idea ?
    5. What size shoe does the Puki wear? How long are their feet in cm? I have tiny shoes on stock. Leather shoes.
    6. lenght of feet are 1.5 centimer (0.59 inch) if you have :) !!!!! please and thank you !
    7. oh I know I was forgotting someone! Genie!

      Anyway aishiteru, I think handmade doesn't mean bad.
      The handmade shoes I have are better than the not-handmade ones (and I think the only option is to buy plastic shoes). What I mean is that also Fairyland, or monique sell handmade shoes and the quality is great, just like the ones we know. I bought some shoes for PF from monique and they were awful. And I find princess Sara's shoes way better.

      Oh by the way, there are some shoes sold by Fairyland too!
      And don't forget mudoll also http://www.mudoll.com/

      oh updated faq is here http://www.flickr.com/groups/pukipuki/discuss/72157605799236387/
      I need to update the one in the blog.
    8. i will never said "the handmade are not beautiful" ! Sara is for blythe not Puki :'( !!!!!!! a lot of link is for lati yellow or PF, it is really more big than Puki ! But i think it is ok for boots only on mudoll !
      but thank you, i take mudoll and.... Rosa :) ! she is doing handmade ^^ !

      About Handmade, i am not afraid, i had already commissioned Veraker and Bliss (kanzashiiiiiii) ! and i am a sewing a lot of wig for Puki here ^^ !
      I had too, a sleepers handmade (dollpa kyoto HT) ! !
    9. We have shoes that are 1.8 cm - they fit on my "vampire" whose feet are only 1.5 cm long.
      I will see if I can locate the shoes and take some pictures.
    10. I was speaking of PF shoes indeed. Princess Sara was an example to say that handmade shoes can be beautiful too. And you said you don't want handmade... if you're not afraid, then why? :) Just curious. I higly prefer handmade, it seems better to me. It's something made only for my doll.
    11. Just jumping in on the handmade bandwagon- If your concern is them "looking" handmade, I wouldn't worry too much. All the tiny shoes I've seen actually look very professional, and a sight better than some of the commercial stuff. As for specific suggestions for Pukis I pretty much second everything people have said :D
    12. kayotic : thank you very if you post some pic :) ! I don't know if 1.8 mm fit ! :)
    13. Here is my little vampire in a dress by us and shoes buy us. These are all leather shoes with leather soles. The shoes in my private collection have the heel removed - the BJD dolls stand better than regular dolls, so don't really need these heels.

      I will list these shoes on my website soon!


      My web store:

      Boneka Dollfashions!:abow::abow::abow:
    14. really cute, i wait your listing ^^
    15. I've got the shoes listed...... here

      My web store is a continuous work in progres...... but for today I have done enough!

      If you would like other colors please let me know.

      Cheers and have a nice weekend.

    16. thank you kayotic ! ^^