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PUKI - changing face plates hard?

Jun 2, 2008

    1. I want to change face plates for my Puki cat open eye and close eye. However! I tried changing it today and it was hard to get the face off its still unpainted and I did get it off after a bit of pulling. But now I am concerned that once the faces are painted, which will be quite a bit of the face due to being a cat, I will ruin the faceups grabbing the face so much before success.

      SO question is will it loosen up? any tips or thoughts?
    2. Did you look at the instructions on the Fairyland site as to how to do it? I found it very helpful. That and looking closely at how the mechanism works helped me. And it did seem to get easier after a couple of changes, but I don't know if that was loosening or just me getting the hang of it.
    3. Well once I got it off I could get it off and on a bit better but still required a bit too much force. Then I also studied it to see how it was working. I will look at the site guide I know which you mean.
    4. Mine's rather easy. I just hold on to the sides (almost like they made it so you fingers could hold there) and it just pops right off
    5. Ok I will play with him more, and try pulling from the sides I think I know what you mean next to the eye area on the sides. I want to be sure before I pay for two cat faceups. I am not a big face plate changer but I thought it would be fun to have more options, seems like thats one of the fun things about puki!

      Is there a magnet to the face plate ? it doesn't seem like it is held on by magnets? I was expecting it to slide off originally so was doing a down movement and an up movement hee hee.
    6. The faceplates sort of snap on. I remove mine by pushing slightly from the top of the plate, and it rotates like a hinge. Then to put one back on I just make sure it catches the resin 'hook' at the chin and 'close' the hinge door in reverse (top opening first to open, top snapping last to close).

      Super easy and no problems at all for me. Oh, and it looks like there's little grooves there for magnets (perhaps the sculptors originally planned on having them fasten that way) so you could hypothetically glue in the extra magnets sent in order for the faceplates to be even more secure - but mine stay in place fine without any extra work needed ;)
    7. Like it was suggested before, look at the Fairyland guidelines. Those are awesome for showing you how to work the puki
    8. wow thanks for all the help guys! tomorrow I shall become the puki face plate changing master!
    9. Is it that difficult to change face plate? I am going to buy a Puki and thinking of whether I should get a sleeping face, too.
    10. No its not hard thats the answer based on all thats been said here just requires you to be aware of how remove it.

    11. Also, be aware of eye putty getting in the bottom groove (that little hook at the bottom that you put into place first before snapping the faceplate the rest of the way...)

      if you get eye putty in there, it can make getting the faceplate off more difficult. :)
    12. Wee_Little_Faerie is right on the putty that can cause difficulty on removing faceplates but the manual really helps so as not to force any parts of your pukis.

      Treelore there's no magnets on the faceplates

      I'm adding link to the manual it helps so as not to break your puki in accidental glee nothing worse than an accident that could have been prevented by RTFM.
      link to puki manual
    13. Thanks for the manual, I am considering a puki mary and it helps with all the info and manual!
    14. It take a bit of time. It took me some time to take Aya's *sugar* faceplate off.
      *but now I getting a body, I won't be taking it off anymore, cause it feels like the fave faceplate is a little loose >_<