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Puki Circus (new pukipuki products) - FairyLand

Jul 25, 2008

    1. are you going to sell outfits separately?
    2. are the pig trotters, face and ears going to be available separately?
    3. is pongpong's mouth a solid piece, or does the tongue come out like a unoa or narae?
    4. - Outfits are not going to be avilable separately.

      - New animal parts will be available by themselves, similar to Pukisha sets.

      - I don't know what Unoa or Narae's mouth looks like, but Pongpong's mouth has a hole going through. If you remove puki's faceplate you'll notice a smooth round projection near where the mouth would be if the faceplate was present. That part is used as the tongue.

      - More images are updated at Introducing pukipuki Gallery.
    5. Will release others PIKI's faceplate like Pongpong's open mouth?
    6. Basic versions of Chuchu, Pongpong, Chichi and Lily are now available. Please refer to #1.

      We have no immediate plans for new Puki faceplates as yet.
    7. When will the new piggy ears, face, hands and feet be available??
      thank you
    8. They are expected to be updated some time during next week :)
    9. Chichi is giving the finger in one of the pictures. Will FairyLand be selling those hands as optional parts?
    10. Dear customers,

      We are pleased to announce the release of new Magic Item parts for pukipuki, "Puki Cochon" set and faceplate. (Cochon - meaning piggy in French)

      Cochon Set(ears+hands+feet)
      Cochon Face
      (Two styles of makeup choice are available to choose for Cochon Face)

      Cochon Sleeping Faceplate, and Puki Cochon Basic doll will be updated during next week.

      Lastly, Friday (August 15) is a public holiday in Korea. All inquiries will be attended Monday next week.
      Our apologies for the late notice and thank you for understanding.