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Puki contest discussion thread

Apr 22, 2008

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=209559
      the news is here... please note, this IS NOT THE ENTRY thread or anything like that.

      Just thought it would be fun to squee about the contest, squee about what people might be doing or how you're keeping your secrets (secret squee?).....

      FUN!!!!!!!!! :D
    2. I recently got a question about whether or not modded pukis could enter... and the answer is YES! The only real requirement is that it be a Puki.

      All puki = cute, modded ones included XD

      Originally, before this contest got bigger than I expected, I was just going to have a free-for-all puki photo contest and pretty much whatever could be in it as long as it's cute... but Fairyland has so kindly sponsored such a nifty prize, and asked if we would share the photos with Fairyland so they can display them in their customer gallery... I've decided to say no to other brands of dolls, just out of respect for their kindness.

      I know there has also been some concern expressed about how cute one puki is compared to another.... personally, I think they're all equally cute. I love em all!!!

      But I just wanted to say, this isn't a contest about the cutest puki, this is a contest about the cutest picture of a puki (since to me, all puki are pretty much equally cute)
      I love all pictures I've seen of Pukis... but the ones that make me melt into a little puddle of goo are the ones where people take time to set something really adorable up.
      And by really adorable, I don't mean really complicated.

      Take, for example, Spampy's picture of her little boy with 'tude on the motorcycle. (and no worries, Spampy is a judge, so she won't be entering... that (along with the fact that she takes *really cute* pictures) is why I'm using her as an example!) ... it's a relatively simple set up, with props from the dollar store, none-the-less! But it's ADORABLE!

      Have I just rambled? Did I help at all? lol, who knows.
    3. Hehe, I think you've helped, Wee_Little_Faerie, and this is a really good idea! I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with!
    4. lol, well, just remember, don't post your entries here! We're trying to keep the people's choice voting as anonymous as possible!

      However, if you want to discuss ideas for your images, where to get awesome props, or just ask about what people are doing in general... go for it! XD Just no final entries, please!!! LOL!

      ... and of course, non-final entry photos... or "Let's cheer everyone on!" photos are definately welcome!
    5. This is a lovely idea! I'm gonna have to try and think up something with my little Chester! ^___^
    6. I really love this contest and I'll be sure to enter.

      Question : Are you allowed to alter your pic in Photoshop or something? Add text or special effects? Just curious.
    7. There's actually a section about that in the Contest thread :)

      You can add special effects like changing the color of your image, or having selective color or focus... but if someone looks at your picture and thinks "OMG, photoshop" then it's probably too much... like... the image I made for the contest thread = too much, LOL! If it's *really* too much photoshopping, I will contact you and ask you to resubmit something with less photoshopping work done on it.

      ** I'll try make some examples tomorrow

      And of course you can do typical photoshop darkroom editing, like messing with levels, adjusting exposure, playing with curves and all that other kind of good stuff.

      I'm not opposed to small amounts of text... but there shouldn't be a lot of it, and it shouldn't be telling the story instead of the picture telling the story... because it's pretty much just a one shot contest... which means no photoshopping several pictures together to make a photostory as "one image"

      It's literally a one photograph deal XD But if a Puki has a thought bubble, or if there need be some "ZAP" and "POW" and "BANG"s... that's perfectly fine XD
    8. in other words.. THIS photo wouldn't be allowed cuz there's a non-puki in it. RIGHT?? Juniper Snowpea is secretly relieved. She doesn't really WANT any part of these pukis. They can all go home as far as she's concerned.
    9. Got to love that Joonie, even if she isn't a Puki, she's certainly cute. OK, so one photo of one puki. Or... more than one Puki? I don't have two, but is that allowed? Oops! I just re-read the contest thread. As many pukis as I want/have.
    10. LOL this is going to be fun... even more so now that I almost own one!!!!! (PLEASE POST MY BABY TO MEEEEEEEE) Valli I WISH i had your issue.... hmm how many pukis to photograph :( I only have one..... almost lol
    11. HAHA! That's right, sher, Juniper is banned from the Puki contest... but not for any shortcomings on cuteness on her part! I just think it might be in bad taste to give Fairyland a bunch of photos with a bunch of other doll companies dolls in them, for them to put on their website XD

      While I'm sure they have nothing against other dolls, I'd be embarrassed if they had to field questions like "OMG, which doll is that? She's so cute!!" when it's not their doll!

      and, lol, yup Valli, as many Puki as you can get your hands on can be in your photographs. XD

      That's ok, whitewings... I wish I could enter my own contest *weep*
      LOL... seriously though, it's going to be so much fun to see what you guys come up with... and to give away a whole Puki!
    12. Can humans be in the photo?

      I'm really excited about this! I already have an idea floating around :D.
    13. Sorry Whitewings, I only have one puki, but was thinking of others. I hope yours arrives asap so you can enter.
    14. Yes, humans can be in the photo :)
    15. Ok... Photoshop examples:

      Here is the original photo:
      All original unedited photos are acceptable!

      Here is the same photo where I have enhanced her eye color (too much, imo, I like the original better, lol), this is an acceptable modification:

      Here is the same photo with selective coloring, also acceptable:

      Here is the same photo with WAY TOO MUCH photoshoppin, lol:
    16. woot. I'm definately going to do it. It would be nice if I could get the time to paint my Pukisha set first, but there's no reason I wouldn't enter. =)
    17. Usually Juniper's banned for biting and pinching, not for just being the wrong kind of doll. LOL....

      i can't wait to see! it's all to cute! i'm gonna explode, I know it.
    18. Okay, some more questions that popped inot my head :

      1. Does your contest entry have to be a new pic or can it be one that you already took a while ago?

      2. Can you post your entries in the Gallery? For example : Next week, I take several pics of my Puki playing with her toys. I post them in the Gallery at DOA. Then I decide to pick one of these photos as my entry for the contest. Is this allowed? As long as I don't post anything like 'PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS PIC!!', would it be okay to post them on DOA?
    19. 1. It can be one you took a while ago :) The only requirement on that part is that you took it!

      2. As long as you don't specifically point it out as being your entry, that's fine. Honestly, the anonymous thing isn't going to be 100% successful, because we all LOVE posting pics of our little guys, and some are very, very recognizable... I think within the puki lovin' community, we'll have a pretty good idea of "who is who"... the anonymous factor is more for people who will stumble on our voting thread just to cast their vote... I'm trying to prevent people from voting just for "people that they like" as opposed to "their favorite picture"

      I think people will vote for the one they think is cutest... but I've seen so many "OMG, it's just because they have a rabid fandom!" posts that I thought anonymous was the way to go!

      ...honestly, I figured most people entering the contest would vote for their own entry, LOL!
    20. add that to the rule? no voting for own entry