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Puki dolls: What animal parts should Fairyland make next for the Pukis?

Aug 20, 2009

    1. Hello everyone! I'm sorry if this already exists...but I didn't see this anywhere so I figure it would be safe.:sweat Anyways, onto my point:lol:...Fairyland has the Pukisha the kitty:kitty1 and Cochon the piggy:apig:...what animal parts/faceplate do you think Fairyland should make next?*_* I personally like ferrets...if they could make something with ferret ears, paws, faceplate, and tail...I think it would be cute!:)

      What does everyone else think? I would love to hear your feedback!;)

    2. I would love more animal puki parts!!!

      Pukifees have a hamster face, I wonder if they will do a pukipuki one! I would also LOVE the release of the merpukis (fish tails!)

      Rabbits are also pretty popular (and a puki rabbit ears would be cuuute)

      But what I more whant to see is... A BIRD PUKI!!!! With bird claws for feeth, feathers for hands (or normal hands and wings in their bags?) and a cute birdie face!
    3. Personally, the animal sets/animal faceplates frighten me.
      But I think the ears are adorable. So anything with big pointy cute ears! :3
    4. poler bear! We need a puki poler bear!
    5. I love the animal pukis (and pukifees). Like Sakura_LH said I'd love to see the hamster/mouse face for pukis and birds would be adorable too!

      Ferrets isn't a bad idea either ^^
      I think a dog puki would be cute too, with droppy ears, haha. Really I approve of anything they wanna put out, it's so much fun with all the little faceplates!
    6. I want hooves with different leg parts and horns or horse ears :D I know its been done for other dolls, but I think it would be adorable to have a little satyre puki puki :)
    7. Ooooh, hooves would be awesome! Even without a matching faceplate it would just rock ^^
    8. I like the idea of unicorn parts too, horn and hooves. Rabbit ears and tail would be cute too :)
    9. Would love to see more mermaid tails!
    10. I would love a ferret! And something like the Legend of Zelda tribes, the Zoras. : D
    11. Oh a hamster Puki would be darling!!!
    12. I would also LOVE to see hooves. A satyr puki!
    13. ^_^ What about a raccoon? I'm surprised no one has mentioned that yet...=D
    14. Yeah...I think you're right...I just thought about what a ferret faceplate would look like and it isn't very pretty. Long face...pointy nose...not cute...at least on a Puki...but paws and ears and a tail would be nice. ^w^
    15. Sheep! Hands down :). I :aheartbea sheep and I'd buy dozens of them :D.
    16. Awww, that would be so cute! Especially with appropriately white curly wigs to go with it.
    17. EEK! I love sheep! That sounds adorable! I know the perfect costume too!:)
    18. I know its been done by others in larger sizes, but I think a Bunny would be cute.
    19. Yeah, a bunny would defenitally be cute. Bunnies are cute no matter the size, hah.

      What about like...a lizard puki? I saw a dragon mod puki here sometime and it looked really awesome. I think it could be kind cool!
    20. I'd like the ears to be able to go through even FL's synthetic wigs.