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Puki Eyes???

Apr 20, 2010

    1. Hi Everyone
      I just got these 8mm eyes for my Rose but they just look to big to me!!!
      I am wondering, if I order 6mm will they be too small?
      Also, can you use oval eyes in Puki?
      ...thinking I'm going to go for brown next time too ;)

    2. 8mm is the default size, but if you want 6mm they work as well. They make them look more mature. :)
    3. Great - thankyou so much :-)
      I just didn't want to spend money on them if they were not going to fit ;-)
    4. Different brands of eyes have different iris sizes - looks like those are 8mm but the irises are unusually big! You could try 6mm or a brand with smaller irises in 8mm.
    5. Those do look like huuuuge irises on 8mm eyes O.o 6mm eyes do work either way, my Pipi has a 6mm and an 8mm eye in, the 6mm one seems to make him look older (I would have a pair of 6mm eyes in him but I cannot find the right colour for his other eye in 6mm size X.x)
    6. can someone point me in the direction of a good place to get some nice brown eyes to fit puki.
      I have no idea which suppliers have smaller irises...
    7. I know Glib eyes work great, since they are the kind that FL uses as default puki eyes. I don't know how the iris size is in comparison to other brands thought, since that's the only kind I have.
    8. My Puki's 6mm eye is by Glib, I think I ordered them from Parabox as I was doing a large order from there, but they can be found about. They are really nice (his other eye is a Masterpiece silicone eye, lovely but more expensive than his other one)
    9. Anyone know where to find 8mm or 6mm glass eyes? I've seen a handfull but they've either been on eBay or not-so-great quality. I've been looking for glass pupilless ones in blue or green. Anything in the $5 - $20 range would be grand :daisy I've got marketplace access, so I'll buy them secondhand if you're selling a pair, just to throw that out there xD
    10. I got 8mm glass eyes from Ebay - from Mimiwoo i think, and they work great in my Puki.
    11. Mimiwoo's eyes are good, but she doesn't sell pupilless. I know they exist, I've seen them around, I just don't know where they come from.
    12. My other puki (though now a brownie) has a pair of mimiwoo glass eyes, though indeed, none are pupilless. All I can think of for pupilless is that there are some on the marketplace, or maybe a group order for glass eyes going through that sometimes come up with pupilless
    13. I just bought a pair of eyes in a group order from Captured in glass. Around $10 a pair, and they are really nice. The iris size does run a little large, so you might want to go 6mm ir you want a less doe-eyed puki. And they do offer pupiless eyes I believe. :)
    14. Kiyoshi45 - thankyou :-) I was wondering what the default eyes were that FL use - I like them!

      ...DDE have the Glib eyes so I'm ordering some right now!!! Thanks to everyone for your help!
    15. Zuka Engel I was going to say Captured in Glass too. I have some of their eyes and I really like them. They don't sell 6mm normaly but you can get them to make 6mm for you. They are a bit more expensive though but I don't remember how much. You can find them here.

    16. These two sites have glass eyes in 8mm, and some of them are not exactly pupilless but the pupils are in a just slightly darker shade than the iris. So not black anyways.

      Hope that you can find what you need! ^_^



      EDIT: I found a french site that have pupilless eyes in many sizes and colours, real pretty!! They look like glass, but I can't really read to be sure:sweat