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Puki Fee Poll ~ Who did you order?

May 26, 2009

  1. Shiwoo

  2. Bonnie

  3. Ante

  4. Flora

  5. Zoe

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. Who did you order and why? I personally found I was immediately drawn to Bonnie Bunny but couldn't stretch to the full set, so I've ordered the basic Bonnie. I also love the 16cm ish size, add that to the posability that Fairyland are now famous for, and I couldn't resist. It's an epidemic. Fairylanditis! LOL!!
    2. I ordered an Ante....I had to have a little mini me for my Littlefee. I just love her mold. I really want a Bonnie too though. It was hard to decide, but Ante won out in the end.
    3. I have Ante Little Fee on order, still waiting, but I'm already day dreaming who she would have as a playmate or brother. I'm getting very drawn to Puki Fees. I love both the Ante's. If I hadn't ordered Ante Little Fee I'd have probably gone for the fairy with the ears Ante. But I can't decide if she'd have another her own age and size or a little brother. I've been trying to work out what the age relationship would be between them. Little Fee Ante looks about age 4 to me. She can look older depending on how she's done up/dressed. Puki Fees look about 2 year olds to me. Does anyone know what their ages are supposed to be?

      DancingBee, I'd love to see a pic of them together when she arrives.
    4. I didn't vote yet as I haven't ordered yet, but I fell in love with Bonnie and hopefully I will be able to get her before the event is over. Valli, I love the bunny version too. I heard that you can request SweetBunny makeup for a basic. That is what I plan to do.
    5. I got Ante because I had the Ante LittleFee, and she was just too big for me. I felt sad to sell her, and I wished she was smaller--then they made a smaller one, and the rest was history!
    6. I've been agonizing over which to get and I just keep coming back to Ante. So I guess Friday I will be ordering a basic Ante. She'll go on layaway at DDE; so it will be a while before she arrives.

      I've just seen the first non faced up PukiFee on Flickr and it was an Ante face and my heart skipped a beat. So, It's Ante for me....:aheartbea
    7. I haven't ordered a PukiFee yet (so I didn't vote yet either), but I plan to do so in June before the event is over...I know that I want Bonnie, but I haven't decided as to whether I want her with freckles or not. I wish that I could order more than one since I'm sure that once Bonnie arrives that I want more friends for her too, lol! ;)
    8. I did that, asked for the Bunny face up. Love the pinkness of it.

      They are going to be so sweet together.

      I'm sure PKF Ante could be a little boy if you wanted. I'm not sure what age they are. To me, they are just children of no particular age as I also have such teeny tiny ones.

      Then this size is perfect. Actually I feel the same about the bigger ones, though I do have a Piki LittleFee and he's so cute, but the tinies win hands down every time for me.

      That's the one! You always know when that happens. She'll be really special.

      I know, one is never enough! LOL.

      I think Bonnie will grow in popularity, but suspect Ante will still be top of the list. We'll have to keep an eye on the poll and see.
    9. I bought a basic Zoe... now I want the wig in the full set :(... but I'm still waiting for and :aheartbea my Zoe.. :celebrate
    10. Bonnie ...but I am eyeing up Zoe too LOL
    11. That interesting you say that Jenny and Valli as I was wondering if Puki Fee would be too small! Is it because you have loads of other tinies?
      I haven't voted yet either as I haven't ordered yet . My favs are both the Antes. But as I have little fee Ante coming then I think I'd go for Bonnie with the red hat face up as I think I may make her a boy. Although I love her fairy outfit and face too as a girl.
      If I went for Ante I'd like the face up with freckles but with the bunny outfit. I wonder if they'd do that:ablink:
      Then I wondering what Ante with freckles would look like as a boy, might be cute.:lol:
      And now I'm wondering if I will find Little Fee too big and would then want Puki Fee Ante. Perhaps I'll just have to wait till she arrives!
    12. I have an Ante already, so I ordered Bonny WS and Shiwoo NS and will make him into a girl, I think ...:aheartbea
    13. Would love to see pics of them together when they arrive. Excuse my ignorance but what is WS and NS?
    14. I ordered a fullset Shwioo, I just fell in love :aheartbea He has such a bad-ass attitude, and the fullset outfit is really awesome.
    15. I tried MSD size first and quickly realised I like them smaller. I do like the 10" size, but have concentrated my collection of really tiny ones. I'm branching out with a 16cm! Though I do now have 3 in that size, plus a fox. Love the feel of 16cm in my hand and find them easy to sew for.

      I would wait for your Little Fee to arrive before making a decision. They are wonderful.

      WS = white skin
      NS = Normal or natural skin

      hope that helps.
    16. I ordered Ante, because I was eying her forever in the littlefee mold. And I was also wishing for a Lati yellow, but I couldn't decide which lati I liked best.

      So I figured Lati Yellow size+ Ante=Bliss.

      But I like Bonnie and Zoe too, so maybe they will be added in the future.
    17. I ordered a WS Flora. :dance I'm a sucker for that sweet, doe-eyed face in every size! I wanted a Flora with elf ears to be a little pixie to my big dolls, but Pukis are a lil too small for me -- so the Pukifee version looks perfect. ^^

      But good gosh PKF Ante is unexpectedly cute. The LFT version is sweet, but not to my usual taste, but for some reason I find the PKF version of her ADORABLE.
    18. Thanks for filling me in Valli, now I understand;)
    19. I got the NS Ante. To me she has the sweetest little face. I had gotten the WS Littlefee Flora but then realized I really wanted Ante. I have sold my Flora and then right after that the Pukifee's came out and she was there in her red hat outfit and that was it for me.
    20. I got a NS fullset Shiwoo. I fell for his blue hair and blue eyes. :)