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Puki Full Set vs. Basic

Feb 5, 2009

    1. So it looks like the full sets for puki come with the winking face, but the basic sets give you the option of also ordering the sleeping face... well, what if I want all three? If I want the normal face, the winking face and the sleeping face of chichi (for instance) Surely I don't have to buy both the basic and full set to get these....?

      Why is it that you can by some faceplates and not others? Is there some way or some place I can order the extra? Help!
    2. this is a question you might want to go to the pukipuki threads to ask, there are alot of people there that can help you, and it avoids creating clutter.

      SOME puki fullsets come with a sleeping face, others with a winking i belive the puki circus fullsets have a winking plate but they might be the only ones. If you are looking for one of the newest, i dont think they have sleping faces out (madeline, darjeeling, cupid2) and the Older puki's you can buy their option winking from FL. Your best bet would be to work up your posts to get to the marketplace and search for whatever one you want, or join in a split.
    3. I suggest joining a Group Order split! That way you could get what ever you wanted. So just scooch up your post count so you can check out the marketplace. And if you can't join a GO then just put up a WTB ad in the marketplace. <3
    4. Thanks all. It's nice to know that I might be able to get all the bits and pieces! Now I just have to decide exactly which one I want!
    5. The new puki basics have optional sleeping!

      yeah a group order or the marketplace is really the only place you can get parts.
    6. Do any of the faceplates work on any puki?
    7. Yes, they do. They're all inter-changeable. :)

      (edit: Just make sure to get matching skin color parts!)
    8. I also suggest splitting. I've bought a pongpong recently, and I loved the winking face but I prefer the other one... well I hope they'll release it like they did with the oldest ones. :)

      Oh, fullsets sometimes have different faceups!