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Puki Magic Parts Updated!

Apr 11, 2008

    1. I didn't see a thread for this yet, but I just saw that the puki magic parts were updated.

      The victory hands and the mitten hands are now for sale!
    2. Thank you for posting instead Kearsy, I've been sidetracked with updating MiniFee news. :)

      It hasn't been mentioned yet as well, but Puki Pukisha Basic version is also available for those who want pukisha kitty without having to get pipi/piki/sugar faceplate. Pricing is as same as regular Puki Basic products.
    3. Liria, do you know if it's possible to go back and add things to orders that are still being processed? I'm waiting on one of the new Pukisha sets and would love to add on some victory hands.

      Edit Nevermind! I went ahead and tried and I was allowed. Yay!
    4. So the string hands will be added in the future?
    5. Will you be adding the clenching hands as well?