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Puki Or Brown :/

May 4, 2009

    1. Waaa :( Im stuck between a Brownie or a Puki. I loooooove puki Pong but I also looooooove Tobby. Will you please help me pick? Im am more towards the brownie as you get a wig and clothes in the set. But they might be less in quality. If you have a Brownie please post your thoughts on them. :aheartbea BTW I mispelt the title *blush*
    2. brownie. fullset sale super cheap right now and better posability. I don't have mine yet, but I'd take brownie over puki anyday :) so many joints! and besides: the normal priced brownies are more expensive than pukis :// so if you're looking at the price for quality difference...yah.

      there are a lot of puki-lovers here, but not enough brownie owners :S
      that probably affects the comments to this thread... but either way, why not get both? right now Tobby is great. then get puki pong :)
    3. Brownies are pretty adorable, but I'm a die-hard Puki fan, so it would be hard. The bodies are very similar, but the faces on the Pukis have so much expression...I don't know. You really have to decide what would make you happiest!
    4. Did you say its a sale? Do you know how long it is on for? I dont have all the funds yet :P Edit- LOL! I just registered on the website and they ask for your blood group O.o Will they *dracula accent* Svuck vyour blood. That made me chuckle, I am gonna get a Brownie :) YAY BROWNIES!!
    5. Hehe, yup Brownies have an awesome sale on right now. I love my Puki's, but they're are not going anywhere, whereas this sale ends on the 15th. :D
    6. Ahh Is the sale the one just for the free head? Or in price for all the dolls? I dont have all the funds yet ! I hope the sale isnt for all the dolls prices :(
    7. I have one Brownie (Momo) and eight Pukis-I guess that says which I prefer.. The Pukis just have so much character, and they pose like a dream. I love the magnetic parts..the Brownie hands are so hard to change, I am always afraid I am going to break them, so Momo doesn't get much playtime.
      I think you should get the one that calls to you the most.
    8. Ohh, yea it is the prices. They normally cost more than Puki's...
    9. I actually like my puki and my brownies equally. HOWEVER, with this sale they got on Brownies, I mean lord have mercy! How can you NOT get one? I got one for my daughter's birthday. She has a puki, now her puki will have a friend. But I would be buying tons of Brownies if I wasn't so short on cash, that I can't pull it outta anywhere, LOL. The cash I squeezed out for my daughter's brownie was really squeezing, LOL. Only her upcoming birthday gave me the excuse I needed LOL.

      Right now, Brownie, 100% I like brownie faces a little better, but that is subject to personal taste. They definately have different looks. But if you like both (like I do) Now is the time for a brownie before the sale is over!
    10. Prices are between $68-$88 at present. Check the news thread for the link. I've had both and the only thing I don't like about the brownies compared to pukis are the pukis have hands attached with magnets and the brownies have a push on mechanism with plastic. If you don't plan to change hands, it's not a problem. Some of the brownie sets comes with a full hand set ($40 usually) and others with a free sleeping head ($40 extra as well), but now included in the $68-88 pricetag. Well and truly the best value at present for these guys. I'm selling my puki and getting one of these instead.
    11. Listen to 77777777luck, she knows of what she says! LOL, belive me, whichever one you get will be asking for a friend in no time LOL. You will be doomed!

      Oh, the price for a full set, meaning, doll, outfit, wigs and many of them have an extra head or hands, all for $58 - $88 !!!
    12. So are the prices on the dolls permanent or just for the sale? :( If it is the sale price im gonna have to beg my mom to give me the funds early *Hehe* and then earn them they are soooooooooo cute. Plus, Im sure pong pong can wait eh?
    13. I've got a Puki PiPi and my Brownie is on her way home
      They are so adorable that I can't make a choice
      and the sale on Brownie is really attractive
    14. Just for the sale.
    15. Aww man. Time for begging!
    16. hahaha so funny! blood group... hehe, maybe they will, you never know XD
      aww I wish I ordered from the website now.. missed the funny questionaire.
      hey that's great! (pongpong is adorable. how did I miss him before?? *_* thanks so very much.. another one on my bucket list.

      they look like the singing one..*_*

      ohh! ^_^ when beggins, show prices of super expensive dolls. and brownies' regular prices. --should have seen dear parents' face when they saw it.. lmao!!
    17. I don't own either one yet but I have two Brownies and a Puki on order. Puki will get here first- tomorrow probably, but I couldn't pass up the sale on Brownie full sets right now. It's too good a deal.
    18. kadepie: my thoughts exactly! lol didn't even take much convincing to buy my brownie. was like: look at the prices and I promise I'll only have one and only please I want her lemme use your paypal come on isn'ts she cute look see and she's not super expensive like this one....
      Truth is, they just looked at the prices and went :O!! :eek!
      didn't even finish my threat of buying the fullset SD yet. lol

      that's why brownies rule. they just opened the door for me ;)
    19. Yey for Brownies. I have one, a Momo and another on order, but I also have the baby Small Comfort and another on order! I love Brownies and Puki. I have 4 Puki bodies and lots of face plates and hands/boots.
      Here's a photo of my Momo/Mangotine showing off her joints. They really are amazing to pose and their heads pose better than Puki. You won't be disappointed. I paid $240 for my Momo! Much more expensive than Puki, but this sale is fantastic. So glad you're getting one.
    20. Yep, I paid 240 for my MoMo, she was my third tiny. I bought her because of what I read about her in DOA.

      I have 6 Pukis and 5 brownies on the way and of course my Mo. It will be a tug of war.....brownies vs. pukis :doh

      Soooooo, if I go back to check out the brownies again and order another one before the sale ends does that mean I have to buy another puki to even things out?????

      Brownies and Pukis are equal in different ways.

      Brownies parts are sold on site, I don't know if you can get body parts for puki?
      The hands take a bit of practice to snap in but my Mo's hands don't just fall off like my pukis does at times. My pukis have faceplates and different feet, my Mo doesn't.
      Mo fits into Kelly clothes and shoes better. Most Kelly clothes and shoes fit pukis.
      Like I said they are equal in different ways. Do I adore my Pukis? :aheartbea Yep! and same is said about brownies.
      At this price you can't go wrong, so it's BROWNIE POWER :o;)