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Puki popularity, something new?

Mar 15, 2008

    1. Gosh, with the wild popularity of Pukis, I wish I could have bought stock in the company, LOL. I mean, think about it!?! Has there ever been such a popular doll?

      Ok, I haven't been around long enough so there probably has been! Could someone please enlighten me of other faddishly popular dolls? I'm truely curious?? (BTW, I am a future puki owner too; order goes in in April :P)

      BTW I need a felixdoll momo too, hee hee hee

    2. Super popularity like that really isn't uncommon. Back when I first joined the forum, it was Els and Lishes (to use the most over used example!), or to stick to the subject of this subforum, Yo's where insanely popular when they came out, to the point where people paid a lot more then retail for them because they are limits and not readily available.

      It usually happens when either a lot of people have the type of doll in question, and so they have a lot of 'coverage' so to speak, or the doll has something that is new that people love (Yos: cute baby type dolls, Pukis: Insane cute posing, magnetic changing parts etc).

      I'm sure glad they're popular, I have a Sugar myself and they're amazing!
    3. Oh man, I probably won't see mine until end of may/june, LOL, and I can't wait! Yah, while I was writing my commonatry, I changed it because my old age told me, nah, ingie, this ain't the first time something got so popular! LOL.

      Amazing little cutie, though!
    4. I think pukis are also popular not only to fad but amazing new innovation. Unlike other dolls of their size they pose really well and are amazingly customizable and promises the ability to get more option parts in the future.

      When something is cute and really photographic they become popular until something newer comes along. Pocket Fairies used to be the extreme tiny of choice.

      Last year it was bambicrony dolls that were the hit doll.
    5. yea I agree with Aree
      there is something about Puki that makes you go OMG !

      She is extraordinary photogenic

      PocketFairy ...yes they too ...and with those ...you couldnt get them for love or money at first ..pushing the secondary price to very high levels
      but the most beautiful dolls, ,,,she says looking at her own
      they are my desert island doll ...or Rosie is ...I would never ever sell her

      I have noticed Lati Yellows going the same way too ...
      I have has Lati since their first release ...but they are becoming more an more of a phenomenon
      you can put it down to cleaver marketing ...but it boils down to ...they are just so beautiful

      I normally can get a good feel by my wig sales , what size is selling and I have noticed over the past couple of months a definite rise is sales of
      Puki ,Lati Yellow
    6. I certainly agree on the latidolls tinybear, I had a miel years ago and had to sell her, regretted it ever since ... they didn't seem very popular at all back then. Now, it seems like when I have the funds to buy another one, everybody is looking for one too! @@

      And for one, that makes me very happy, because a lot more people are making clothes for them! <3
    7. yes i especially notice the lati yellow trend on flickr, many of my contacts/friends there have one and they are multiplying.

      i haven't been in the hobby that long, about a year now only, but i guess there will always be trends, and they will change.

      for me it's interesting because i kind of like pukis and latis but they don't really fit my preference of mature-body tinies. but i have to say with so many around it's really almost contagious and i might at some point end up with one, atleast a puki ;)
    8. I have to admit that even though I think the pukis are cute I like the faces on the Lati yellows more. They just have the most adorable faces. And then of course there's Moona and Braken. I love them because they have very very cute faces too and I love that the body is mature and I love the elf ears.

      So may beautiful dolls and so little money! :...(

    9. Mmmm previous "popular dolls" would be the CP El, Minifee Shiwoo, Volks F-16s and School heads, And Dollshe Hounds and Bermanns ^^a;;;

      As for me, I've never been one for tinies, but the amazing poseability of the puki combined with the freakishly cute faces and possibilty of having tiny pocket-sized minions of my crew already...... Irresistable :aheartbea
      Popularity is mostly based on the "well everyone has one!" and/or that there's something there that a lot of people find desirable.

      I'm sure others have their own very different reasons for wanting/buying/appreciating the Pukipukis.... But that's mine... :D
    10. I'm probably the only doll owner on earth who strongly dislikes the Pukis. I will admit they pose well, but aside from that, I don't find them at all appealing - they strike me as rather boring by comparison to many other tinies. I can see why people might like their anthro faceplates and their poseability, but I also think that a lot of the Puki popularity is merely a fad, especially when I see people who don't have any other tinies buying them simply because everyone else has one. In general, there seems to be a lot of monkey-see monkey-do among doll purchasers - one person will find a new company selling something and suddenly all their friends will buy it too.
    11. I'm a tiny-only buyer. I like the puki b/c they are cute, and relatively inexpensive. I have one, I want a pipi, where as I don't really want another orientdoll or elfdoll tiny I like my one of each...
    12. I agree with you to some degree. However, Puki is my first tiny. I put a lot of thought into which tiny I would go with. I was drawn to Lati first, and Custom House molds too. But after spending many weeks contemplating, I went with Puki. Not because everyone had one, but because all the feedback from everyone who had one was overwhelmingly positive. It certainly helped sway me in that direction.

      Latis seem very, very popular. They are all over places like Flickr, and so many of my contacts have and love them to bits. :aheartbea
    13. My Pukisha is my fourth tiny and the body posability is incredible. My other three are wired so they can pose halfway decently. I love the easy way I can change the hands and feet, and add kitty ears if I wish. I love the kitty face, which was a selling point for me. I also like the size, since my current health keeps me from carrying anything heavy (yes, for my body, an SD body is heavy and causes me pain) so I can still carry resin with me like I enjoy doing.

      I got one because of those reasons, not their popularity, though seeing so many of them and what they could do helped me make the final decision to order one.
    14. I also think it's because of something new... for pukis.
      But sometimes is for other reasons... for example, latiyellows as someone notced are very popular now, and you rarely see Pocket Fairys (which I think were the first tinies) for sale, or you find less clothes for them, and lati yellows aren't new, I think for the puki the popularity came from the many improvements, for the yellows, I've seen a lot of people who have Blythe fall in love with them, I think it's for the cuteness but also for the easy clothing/shoes... And of course there's always people who only follow others.
    15. Having the dolls be more available, not being super-limited, helps, I think. It means more people can get them and talk about them and share photos--and more people will learn about them that way. I don't think that means people are ONLY buying them because they are jumping on the bandwagon. People DO need to find out about dolls! That's where word-of-mouth and popularity help advertise. And if the dolls get raves--as in, they are well-made, easy to purchase, can find lots of clothes for them, can pose well, etc.--AND if they are very appealing to a wide range of people, then they'll be popular. It's a combinations of things.

      Personally, I don't see that a doll is diminished just because they are popular (says the person who likes Els and Lishes! Heheh!). I think the popularity of a doll only helps spread the word about them, so others can have a look and think about whether they like them. I know that I don't buy just because a gazillion others have the same doll, anyway. I'm pretty sure most others are like me. However, if they see a friend's doll and really like that doll, it can make a difference--that's all! With less-known scupts/dolls, it's just less likely that people will see them and then want them. It's why companies try to get their dolls known, after all!

      Super-hard-to-get dolls can get the world-of-mouth because there are hard-core fans who are dying to get them and will talk about them a lot because of that. That can attract some people who wouldn't otherwise have noticed the dolls, but I doubt most of the people are going to try hard and spend tons of money JUST because something is hard to get ,although some people DO like the challenge, I'm sure. NOT me!!! Even though I think Bermanns are nice, I'd never try for one because all the difficulties. I hate going through all that anguish.

      So Pukis--nice and easy to get ahold of! That's GOOD. And they are tiny, so it's not like I have to save up thousands of dollars.

      I don't have a puki, btw--but they are cute and very tempting because of the cuteness and the good word-of-mouth from owners, and because they are obtainable!

      Els and Lishes were also easy to get ahold of--which had to help their popularity, too.

      If people can get dolls easier and if they aren't limited, they are naturally going to be more popular. But they still need to look good to people, otherwise they wouldn't spend the money to begin with.
    16. ... which is fine with me... because then the secondary market gets flooded with them and I can have MORE for cheaper XD
    17. I'm not generally a huge tiny person (that sounds odd when I say it out loud) because I'm really picky about proportion and posing in my dolls -- I love my Catsy, for example, but don't play with her terribly often because she's a terrible poser and not a huge fan of standing.

      On the other hand, my Pukis have all these jointing innovations that make them very stable and well-balanced, and I like the head/body/arms/hands/feet proportions in relation to each other.

      Plus . . . OMG KITTYFACE! <3

      -- A ^_^
    18. Yeah... I feel the same way about them. I've tried several tinies... Pocketfairy, the old Lati white, Wishel... and they all have very limited poseability... and they also have the whole "Penguin" effect when you put them in most of the clothes that fit them (aka, they couldn't put their arms down)

      Pukis don't seem to have this problem for the most part. They pose great... and I agree that that is why you see a lot of people who didn't have tinies before having them now.

      As far as their faceplates go... I didn't think I liked them that much when I saw them online either... and then... I saw them in person. OMG... their cuteness just keeps increasing! They're a million times cuter than their pictures.
    19. And I am the only dorrie owner on earth that cannot stand to look at Unoas, but like the Pukis, they are quite unique, I'll give them that.
      Bunnydots I too was underwhelmed by Pukis until I actually handled one. They are completely different from other tinies. The poseability is truly amazing, and I was quite captivated by the actual feel of them. Often that is what sells me on a doll, the feel of it. That's how I ended up with my first small Leeke.
      Personally the animal faces and paws don't appeal to me at all but the fact that I can get one without having to take on all that extra hoopla that would scare me to even have in the house is cool. I also like the size, as I have a mob of tinies, and my Naripon could use a pal her size. As far as fad goes, it's fun to chat with others about them, but I never care if a doll is popular or not, in fact I have many "unpopular" ones, they have to appeal to me or I'm not spending my money on it.
    20. I think this is a pretty big generalization. I know I for one don't own any other tinies, but that's because I've found that with most companies, the sculpting on the bodies tends to be really plain and difficult to pose etc, purely because it's very difficult to make a doll on this scale well. So I decided they weren't for me, until I saw pukis. XD

      Maybe this is the case for a lot of other people?