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Puki Puki Quarters

Apr 17, 2008

    1. Puki Bedroom
      Puki puki chest of wonders... <_< they r spoilt...

      Puki Living room and Playroom
      Puki puki soft toys and rocking horse
      Haha they play with Suigintou and Souseiseki..

      So.. you wondering where this wonderful place is?

      Psst i caught them at tea!
      BubbleGum: More tea?~
      CandyFloss: Candy eat with hands???
      Jellybean: *ignores and drink tea*

      So where do your puki puki stay? Lets share some pics/ideas?
    2. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea Wow I love your little house for your Puki's - they all look very happy living there!

      Where do mine live? I'm now waiting on a Puki Sugar and a Lati White Sp Belle, and they will initially be on holiday on the beach and sleeping in a beach hut but after that I think I shall be making them a little bedroom to sleep in for the winter time :)
    3. Oh my God.

      The cute.

      I can feel myself slipping into a diabetic coma from all the sweetness here.
    4. They are just unbelievably cute aren't they :aheartbea:)
    5. When my Duo get here I will have to picspam here. They have a Whole House, is uber cute
    6. And shouldn't they be spoiled - They are so cute.
    7. I love their little house and all the props. I have so many ideas and so much mess to clear before giving them their house here.
    8. Mine all live in a Little Tikes dollhouse I had bought for my grandkids..
    9. so cute!!! there's even a bath room!
      AND A CAR!!!
      and its so colourful!
    10. Thanks! They also have an outdoor playground. I'll add some more pictures when I get them taken.
    11. YAY! more puki puki villas and houses and cottages please~~~
    12. Both Puki homes are adorable!

      (I particularly liked the tea party pictures. :) )
    13. Oh yikes. I just got a call from a friend looking to get rid of a "genreal store" doll house her grandfather made for her. It has a sweet shop and a toy store. Everybody say a prayer she doesn't ask a mint for it. I'll be a happy camper. As will the Pukster.
    14. *prays for you!!*
    15. This is so darling. I think I've settled on a Puki (Sugar maybe?) when I am ready for a tiny. I am generally not too into accessories/scenes/houses, but seeing what you all have done gets me thinking... Thanks for sharing!
    16. Sounds awfully cute Jenifer! I hope her price is puki-sized (tiny) 'cause I'm dying to see pictures already.
    17. we need MOREEEEEEEEE puki houses!
    18. I'm in the process of actually building a 1/12 scale dolls house for my puki that I haven't even ordered yet. She will have a little stone cottage with a wood burning stove and everything when all is done.