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Puki Sizes?

Oct 10, 2008

    1. I was just wondering... If I were looking into finding items to fill a home for pukis, what size scale should I look at? I'm very new to the dolly community, and I'm not completely sure on what all the terms mean when they say things like 1/2 scale or 1 scale, nor do I know how that would pertain to my girls.
    2. I think 1/12 scale dollhouse stuff fits pukis. Scale just refers to how small it is compared to a real item, like a 1/3 (60cm) doll is about 1/3 the height of a real person, and a 1/6 (Barbie sized) stereo is 1/6 the size of a normal stereo. A : instead of a / means the same thing; hope this helps!
    3. 1.12 scale is fine , use it all the time
      Mini World New baby born if you can get it ...rement too .
      Mix the scales too ..it looks fab ...I do it all the time
    4. 1/12 size is not fine for evetything!
      I got a 1/12 kitchen from the dollhouse emporium, and it's way too big for pukis.
      It depends from the effect you want to have. But keep in mind that an adult 1/12 is 16 cm. Like hagarenfangirl says, pukis are 10cm which means the right size should be something like 1/17. Standard dollhouses are 1/12 or 1/24, so it'll be difficult to find a kitchen for me :( I think lundby is the nearest one.
      I wanted my puki to be a cook but she barely reachs the oven!
      If you want them to look children, 1/12 is perfect. But I didn't wanted to.
    5. I love your photos Annetta.

      There is a more chunky style wooden furniture in the 1:12th scale for children. It's made by Le Toy Van. You may find that better, but I'd try it first.

      Also the Sylvanian Families furniture is good, but not the children sizes.
    6. yes lundby is perfect size to make puki's look mature. I guess sylvanian is too, I do have a lundby kitchen, and the size is perfect, I will make some pictures tomorrow.
    7. Lundby is so hard to find! I was so happy to find a kitchen like that, it was perfect (I want a modern house) but it's way too big. :(
      Wilkies I will wait for your photos!
      Thanks Valli :) I have some Sylvanian families furniture, a bed, I've seen a bathroom, and they're great, but for the kitchen I was hoping for something more realistic. I will look around and search for lundby.
    8. yes I think Puki is closer to 1/16.

      I am not sure if you can find these kinds of items, but Japan has been selling a lot of 1/16 scale miniatures of food, funiture and other various novelty items.

      I find them in Japanese bookstores and supermarkets here in California
    9. sorry I deleted the pictures,they were ugly. I don't want to keep all pictures in my flickr. but I don't know where I should put them else.
    10. Your flickr's are down...
    11. I got a ReMent set but it fits my 1/6 scale dolls much better...the little cakes are big ones for Lua lol
    12. I actually do want my pukis to look like small kids or babies, so I use a lot of 1/6 things with them. They hang out a lot in my Re-ment kitchen, eating re-ment goodies. :)
    13. Sylvanian stuff is not consistantly "true to scale" as the little Critters are stubby-legged little things. I find that the Sylvanian stuff has a Nursery School child-sized-play-furniture feel to it when used with Pukis. The chairs in particular have short legs that look really Nursery School. Page 27 of the Puki Thread v.2 has a few pix of my Pukis w/ Sylvanian (Calico Critters) furniture.
      (near bottom of page)