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Puki, So, Brownie, Lati White etc Hair Accessories

Jan 18, 2009

    1. I don't see this talked about often even in the Puki threads so I'm wondering what fellow Puki owners (and dolls of simialr sizes) do about their kids' hair!!!!

      I have a random clip from Spampy, a clip that may have come from Dollmore and teeny ones I've randomly found and some hair things that are made for little dogs.

      I'm planning on making some bows myself but I was wondering what everyone else was using as well.
    2. I have got some of those lovely clips form Spampy, but have just found something else that looks cute; I found some of those decorative brads for card making or scrap booking and have bent the metal spikes both in the same direction and made some hair-slides. I will take a picture tomorrow. I also love the idea Prettybird had in the old Puki thread using metal clips that stick to the magnets in Puki heads and decorating those.
    3. Dollar stores are your friends! ;) That's where I've found all of my teeny-tiny clips and bows. Some of the clips I have are half the size of my pinky fingernail!
    4. I keep forgetting that Pukis have magnetic heads. Do any other dolls of this size have them or just Pukis? I wanted other dolly owners of this size to have some options too...but the slide thing really does take advantage of their magnets.

      (You could do similar things to a Little Fee even though they are larger)

      ETA: I just put a brad in Ioma's hair and it does work. What could also be done is take the brads off and somehow attach them to metal clips (by soldering or something)
    5. Hmm... I wonder about using cheapo (steel-base) earrings with the posts bent over as Puki hair ornaments? They wouldn't do much to hold a hairstyle in place, but some of the teensy ones intended for little girls would be really cute.

      For that matter, when I first got my Puki (my first "real" BJD) I bought a couple hundred extra tiny magnets for around $10, and they could be glued to all sorts of bows & charms, I'm thinking...
    6. Here's a pic showing Izzy wearing the Brad hairslides, what do you think?
    7. Oh that is so cute. I have to get busy with doing this to my little ones hair.
      It will put that extra touch to an outfit.
    8. I have small clips I got from walmart. They're $2.. comes in a rainbow of colors~

      But omgosh! That brad clip Idea is adorable!! :D *rans off to michaels*
    9. oh mimisstuff! They are so cute! If only I could find something similar around here, sigh.
    10. A really good person to ask is Prettybird. She's got these teeeeeny tiny clips that she then adds lace and bows to.
    11. Yes she made a tutorial on her hair bows and I"ll be making my own...with Swarovski crystals might I add :)

      Mimisstuff: Those work nicely...I have them but they don't stick well through my Puki's wig...Ioma's pink one anyway...I'll have to try w/her new one.

      I do like the idea of gluing things to magnets...I have the extra Fairyland magnets...I'd also been thinking of taking the metal parts of the brads and gluing them to clips.

      I'll have to play around...luckily my mom and I work at Michael's :D
    12. Oooh thats a good idea, I am sure the spikes could be snipped off with wire cutters and then glued to magnets perhaps? Great place to work, do you ever come out with any wages??? :)
    13. I've found several teeny clips at the drugstore, in the children's care section. It's a goldmine for Puki goodness!
    14. WOW!! brads are a great idea!!

      I have tiny hair clips i buy from various stores & i give a pair away for FREE
      with every purchase made from my store <3 <3
    15. I make beaded wigs ( see sig for link) and Mimir had mutiple wigs to go with different outfits, when her puki-sister Kari arrived I'll do the same for her.
    16. Rarely ;) I only lasted one day there LOL but my mom's worked there for over a year and a half.

      Hasel I love your wigs (I've seen the one you made for DraconicMaiden) but it's hard becasue I have to wait for certain colors...but I do have your page bookmarked :)