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"pukiFée" Release Event

May 11, 2009

    1. Hello, this is FairyLand.

      This announcement is about the release of our new line-up, PukiFee.
      5 Basic products, 7 Full Package products and optional accessories will be available.

      Event period: May 15, 2009 ~ June 15, 2009

      Event 1:
      PukiFee Basic order receives -
      Sleeping Faceplate of chosen type of the doll (same skin tone)
      Wings (random color)

      Event 2:
      PukiFee Full Package order receives -
      (Choose one from) Hamster Face or Pukisha Face (random skin tone)
      Wings (random color)
      Optional hands (Clening hands for Poppy Zoe and Poppy Flora, String hands for other Full Packages)

      Event 3:
      Purchase $240* or more and receive one Puki Multi Head (random type, random skin tine)
      Purchase $400* or more and receive two Puki Multi Heads (random skin tone)

      * Event 3 price applies for one order. If request is made to combine two or more orders they will be considered as one order.
      No more than two Puki Multi Heads will be given out for one order, even if the total price of that particular order exceeds $400 by large amount.
      Eligible price excludes shipping fee.

      ** Faceplates, wings and Multi Head skin tone and type are chosen randomly as default.
      If you want to make a specific request regarding the color and type of gifts, you must write your request on the Order Comment section of the order form.
      Requests made via email, CS Center, 1:1 Care Center and especially Paypal notes may not be reflected correctly.
      (Note: it is possible to change/update your Order Comment while the order is still at Order Received (payment not confirmed) stage.)

      *** Puki Multi Head (temporary name) can be used on both PukiFee and Pukipuki bodies. It is not included in default PukiFee components.
      Two types of PukiFee Multi Heads are availabe - Cupid and Ante.
      Please visit FairyLand blog for more photographs of Puki Multi Head on PukiFee body.

      - Hamster and pukisha ears/tail/hands/feet are NOT included in event gifts. They are planned to be on sale at some stage in the future.

      - Makeup is not offered to event faceplates.

      - There are no plans of releasing a specific pukipuki/LittleFee as PukiFee type at this stage.

      - There are plans to update outfits for PukiFee in near future, but exact schedule is unknown.

      - Default makeup for Ante is as same as Ante Red Hat Full Package (as shown on Ante Basic page). If you want to ask for Sweetbunny Ante makeup, the request must be written in the order comment.

      - Event 3 applies to all orders and in conjunction with Events 1 and 2.
      So if you purchase 1 PukiFee Basic and 1 PukiFee Full Package and the total price is above $400, you are eligible for all three event gifts.

      - For Event 3 $400 criteria, one Cupid and one Ante Puki Multi head will be sent out if no specific request is made. You can request for two Ante or two Cupid faceplate.

      If you have a problem logging in to FairyLand, it's usually problem caused by the security setting on the Internet browser you are using (SSL must be allowed to log in). Please try with another computer or reset the security setting of your browser.

      FairyLand Shopping Mall http://dollfairyland.com
      FairyLand Blog http://dollfairyland.tistory.com/

    2. As these are 15cm, I've merged the discussion threads so that they both point to the discussion in Tinies. Thanks!
    3. Release day is set for Friday 2009.05.15 as seen on the above link.
    4. It could be my internet connection at work (>_<) But is anyone able to see the pictures in the FairyLand Blog? They're not loading for me. If you're able to see the pictures, would anyone be able to post them here?
    5. New pictures have been released. And there is a post in the discussion for the names/pictures.
    6. Will there be a preorder release deal thing like there was for the puki and LittleFees? Like lower prices or extra items...
    7. Sale & event for PukiFee has started. Please refer to #1 for updated information.
    8. Will there be any way of getting the Hamster head outside the event?
    9. Question for event 3:
      If I buy Puki Fee together with Little Fee and I am over 240Dollar or 400Dollar, does it apply for the Multi heads, too?

      If I get 2 Multi heads, can I have 2 same (for ex. 2 Ante) ?

      Is there still no shipping over 600Dollars?
    10. - There are plans to have hamster faceplate and pukisha faceplate sold separately at some stage in the future.
      - For Event 3, any order above the price is eligible for event gifts. It does not have to be PukiFee only.
      - Shipping is free for orders baove $600. You won't be asked to select shipping zone when you go through check-out if this is the case.

      Just a reminder:
      If you need to make any changes to the order and your order hasn't been paid yet, it is recommended that a new order is placed and the older one cancelled.
      If you have made payment already, you can ask for combined shipping on the order comment section (please include order number).
    11. Are there plans to release the pukimulti head for general sale at some point? I would love this size head on my puki!!
    12. Oops, forgot to answer superamy7. This is a regular sale (not preorder period) and price change will not occur. You do get Event Gifts if order is placed during the event period (refer to notice post).

      Sale of Puki Multi Heads is undecided at the moment. They could just finish as event items or be on sale in the future (it's highly unlikely that the heads will be available by itself in this case).
    13. Liria, asked before, at event 3 over 400Dollar can we choose 2 same heads, for ex. 2 Ante heads? I want to order together with my friend and we both want the Ante head, not Cupid.
    14. I'm not sure. I'll find out and post when it's business time again in Korea tomorrow.
    15. Poots! I can't register on their site in onrder to palce an order - I just get a blank screen headed "This page cannot be displayed"


    16. I see you add shoes for PukiFee. Do you plan to add clothes and wig for them too in next days ?