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Pukifee or Lati Yellow?

Jun 6, 2011

    1. I'm still a bit far from buying my first BJD but right now I'm looking at the little guys. I initially fell in love with Pukifee but after looking at lots of pictures here of adorable Lati Yellows I'm starting to really like them too.

      I'm just wondering if anyone owns either of them, or better yet both, and how you feel about them? What's your preference, and why? I'm very curious about your personal experience with them and what makes them so special to you.

      Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and helping this newbie :)
    2. I started with Lati Yellow, and for a long time resisted the lure of the Pukifee, but once I got one, it was all over. There is something just a bit more compelling with the PKF than I ever felt with LTY...sadly, since my PKF Bonnie was brought home, I haven't done much of anything with either of my LTYs, and no longer have any plans to buy more. Part of it is the body and posing...they're so much more versatile than I ever found my Latis to be, as I really like my dolls to have 2-piece torsos at least.

      One advantage Lati has is their tan skins...we don't have that for PKFs yet. Lati also has beautiful faceups.
    3. I love both!! I have PKF and Lati Yellows, and they are both adorable. PKFs are better with the posing, but Latis are so special and sweet <3 And not too shabby with posing after the new body came out. I'd say go for both ;) Unlike Clochette, I first had a PKF, then got a lati and have one other lati coming home. I just love their faces and always liked their charm. But I love my little Aurora too, and like clochette says - the PKFs have amazing posing abilities.

      No, really - it is just a matter of preference. If posing is something you think would be important to you (like for photography etc) I would go for a PKF, but if not - I might choose a Lati. They have all those super cute molds, and you have a lot more of variety to choose from.

      But when it comes to my girls - I wouldn't be able to choose between them at all!

    4. I totally agree with Katrine - but I would add just look through both threads until a certain little face catches your eye, that should be the one you go for - be she Lati or Pukifee ! Good luck deciding ^_^

      My pukifee Ante and Lati yellow Belle

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    5. Clochette, thank you for sharing your experience. I did read on this forum that PKF poses better so I'll definitely take that into consideration. I'm not considering the tan skin at this time so at least that won't be a factor for me.

      Katrine, I wish I could just get both! :) Sadly my budget won't allow it. I do love the choices Lati has, there are so many adorable faces.

      Yes, I've been trying to look at as many owner pictures as possible. For PKF I know it'll definitely be between Luna and Pongpong, but Lati has so many choices I'm having trouble choosing just one. LOL.

      Katrine/Samson, your girls are all just adorable btw!
    6. Thank you Babyblue! Hmm, if you are on a budget, lati may be a little cheaper though (of course, none of them are really cheap when it comes down to it :( ). The basics lati have now is really really adorable, and if you don't need a tan at this point (or an elf or mystics) it isn't much difference from the limiteds and the basics, really. If you have browsed through the threads already I would also check flickr.com. I don't know if you already searched there, but there is tons of wonderful and amazing pictures of both latis and pukifees. I love to browse that place!
    7. that's a tough call! I currently have 3 pukifee and one lati (with one more lati on the way) and I have to admit that my pukifee get way more play time - for me they have a little more individual personality than my lati girl (but I do love Molly!) Also, the way Molly's arms look in photos sometimes irritates me.

      If it helps here's my Pukifee Luna with my lati miel (and pukifee zoe on the right)

      new clothes! by honeythorpe, on Flickr
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    8. I agree with the above written people - go for the face you like best! Pukifees are super posers, and the new Lati body seems to be good too. Both of the little ones are so so sweet and cute that only the likings rule in this thing!

      I myself have owned both of them, but the old Lati body felt difficult as I already had got used to the lovely Pukifee body, and after all I noticed that Latis weren´t my thing after all, so she got re-homed. I am a Fairyland girl what comes to owning dolls, but I just ADORE the cuteness of Latis and can´t see enough pics of them. :)
    9. I agree - I have both but I couldn't bear to part with either!! The pukifees have wonderful bodies and are definitely a lot more poseable. BUT I find that the Latis have much more variation in facial shapes and expressions, and they have prettier, more detailed faceups in my opinion. I love the Lati faces best of all I think, but I really DO love the pukifee bodies.
      It really is a trying it and see kind of thing. Find the face that you love the most and go for that one. Whether it is a pukifee or a lati, just choose the one that appeals to you the most. You won't regret it no matter which way you go.
    10. I think enchantedlily has summed it all up ^^. I love both, my Lati Pury and Pukifee Flora!
    11. I have one of each and love them both equally but in different ways.
      My LY Leah has a rounder face than my PF Ante therefore she looks like a younger little girl, which I like. PF's do pose better though.
    12. I'm a Fairyland person too and find the Pukifee much easier (and cheaper) to buy and pose. I'm a die hard PKF fan and they are definitely my favorite dolls.

      However, I have just been bitten by the Lati bug because they are just so darn cute. The variety is never-ending and the tans are lovely too. Latis have such a huge following that even though there is so much variety, they do tend to get snapped up quickly. Or go for quite high prices if it is a special sculpt. I've just gotten my first and am expecting two more. I find the bodies a little awkward and kicky, but they can be restrung or sueded I suppose.

      Either way, I guess people are either PKF or Lati lovers :)
    13. Or both! ;) A lot of us loves both PKF and LY, but for different reasons :D And actually Lati is a little cheaper than Fairyland when it comes to basics (Lati is apx. 30$ cheaper), but when it comes to full sets I agree - Fairyland is a cheaper if you want all included. I love the fact that most limiteds from lati has a starting price of 280$ though, which is quite cheap for a limited, so if you don't want the outfit or wig you can get a limited doll pretty cheap compared to Fairyland.

      Overall I think actually Lati is the cheapest choice, but you don't get that awesome poseability though - which is a wonderful thing, especially if you are into photograpy;) I love my pukifee's ability to make the most realistic poses and the great possibilities for photos :aheartbea
    14. I have one of each, and I have to say that I like them both! PukiFee poses much better, but Lati is cuter (proportions are more baby-ish), and has more cute face sculpts to choose from than PukiFee. Personally, because I don't do many wild poses with my dolls, I think I prefer Lati slightly over PukiFee because of their cuteness! :aheartbea But you have to look at pictures and decide what YOU like!

      HERE is a picture of my dolls side by side.

      Remember you can put a Lati head on a PukiFee body. See THIS picture!

      And if you look at my Flickr HERE, you can see where I have taken some posing comparison shots between Lati Yellow and PukiFee.

      (Sorry for all the links. For some reason DOA won't let me post pictures today??)
    15. I find it worthy to note that most of the people who answered have pukifees/Fairyland dolls in their avatar pictures over latis. :) Just sayin'
    16. In my opinion, the resin quality of Lati is higher compared to Fairyland's resin. I can only judge their white resin and while Lati's resin is beautiful white, matte and glowing (almost like pocelain), FL's white resin often tends to have a green tint and feels too smooth.
    17. Mini*Fee, your posing comparison photos are SO helpful! It's easy to see what everyone's saying when they say PKF pose better.

      Babyelf, thank you so much for that input. Since I have never seen either dolls in person it's really helpful to hear how their resin quality differ.

      I'm still saving up for whichever I decide to get, but for now I'm leaning towards PKF Pong. I can't resist how happy she looks :)
    18. LOL Sounds like lati and fairyland need to get together. Beautiful lati faces on super posable pukifee bodies! Can you imagine! And lati could teach fairyland their tan resin magic! :D I would love to see tan pukifees!
    19. Or... Maybe you could just put a Lati head with a PKF body!
      I have seen someone's doll in that combination before, I asked the owner why did she pose so well for a LTY, and she told me she changed the body with a PKF body. This is just an idea though, it's quite hard if you ask to pick only one of them ^^"
    20. I was completely won over by Latis, their face sculpts are just sooooo cute! the quality of the resin is slightly superior to Fairyland in my opinion. No matter which one you choose you are going to love that size, just pick the face sculpt that speaks the most to you.