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PukiPuki wigs???

Jan 4, 2008

    1. Hello to all I am wondering if the wig size of pukipuki is 3.5/4, I already order my Pukipipi but I dont know if the basic set contains the default wig, if not where can I buy a cute one (black,blond, or pink) Please!!!!!!

      Also does the kelly'clothes fit them???

      I really need clear answers, because I already looked at the PukiPuki thread but its too long to read everything!!!!!!! if anyone who owns one please answer me!!! thanks for your time:) !!!!
    2. The basic sets don't include wigs or clothes.

      As for kelly clothes, yes, they do fit Pukipukis. I've heard that Lati White wigs fit Pukipukis so I guess the Latidoll site might be a good place to check out.
    3. I have bought size 4 wigs from Denver Doll Emporium. Brittany, Lulu and LaBelle (no pic - coming this week).

      Also, Monique's Gold Label GINGER is a lovely wig on Pukis.

      I have also bought size 4 wigs from BJDollarama web site and EBAY for Barbie size wigs (size 4).


    4. My experience with Kelly clothes is that they fit tightly. The shirts are fine, but the skirts and pants are near impossible to keep on while she's sitting.
    5. Also, Kelly pants are short on a Puki... they become pedal-pushers!

      and ...Yunabug is right, Puki's cannot bend or sit in tight Kelly pants!

    6. I make mohair wigs in their size :D
    7. ooohhh Thank you vey much to all!!!!!!!!
    8. I ordered a 3/4 for mine which pops off so I bought a size 4 and it seems too big. I hate to invest in more wigs because I don't have any other doll that can wear them.