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Aug 17, 2016

    1. Feedback thread for things I've bought or sold!
      Thank you!

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    2. I sold a wig to Pumpkinkings and it was a wonderful transaction! Let me know when things arrived, were friendly and paid quickly! Recommend them! Thanks a ton!! :)
    3. I sold a pair of shoes to Pumpkinkings and the transaction could not have gone better! Very friendly and fast communication, and super nice! <3
    4. Pumpkinkings bought a wig from me back in dec. Communication was friendly and transaction went smoothly. i would do business with them again anytime :thumbup
    5. Pumpkinkings commissioned me to restring and suede his DC MSD body. He was prompt and very friendly in all responses, and was very understanding when I needed some extra time. Would 100% work with him again, thank you so much! Enjoy your bab :D
    6. Positive Transaction

      I sold a Minifee skirt to PumpkinKings in what may have been the fastest and easiest transaction ever! Within 30 minutes of first contact, I had already received payment! I was updated when the skirt arrived. All around excellent buyer, couldn't have asked for a better one. Thanks!
    7. PumpkinKings purchased a doll shirt from me - paid super quick, very friendly and great communication. Would gladly do business again :aheartbea
    8. PumpkinKings purchased my Dollzone Star full set. Payment was made immediately, communication was a breeze! Good buyer all around, would happily do business with them again~
    9. I purchased 2 slim MSD clothing items from PumpkinKings and the entire transaction was easy, fast and satisfactory!
      items were shipped promptly, well packed and arrived fast. they were in excellent condition and as pictured.
      Exceptional seller.
    10. PumpkinKings commissioned an outfit from me, since the body was such an odd shape they actually sent it to me so i could easier complete the work, communication was great, payments was fast and they even covered the unfortunate customs fee i got when i received the body, overall great to work with and i wouldn't hesitate to do businesses gain :)
    11. PumpkinKings purchased a tan Minifee Momo from me. Payment was prompt and PumpkinKings let me know when she arrived, so great communication. Thank you SO much!!!
    12. Purchased a Doll Chateau Pluto from PumpkinKings. Pluto was shipped on a monday and arrived (Wednesday, 2 days later) today! The box was well packed, the doll was protected well too! The transaction prior was great, PumpkinKings is polite and easy to work with. Responses where fast! Thank you so much again for the chance to own this doll!
    13. PumpkinKings purchased a Ramcube/DF-H Dm.Camill from me. Communication was great and they paid when they said. I would love to deal with them again. Thank you!
    14. Commissioned PumpkinKings for a face up on my little kitten, it came back gorgeous! Great communication throughout the commision and was very easy to talk to.

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