Sales Promotion [PUPAPA] Clearance Sales

Nov 4, 2016

      We're now during clearance sales, Most of our items are $1, $2 and $5
      Glass eyes are US$1
      Wigs are US$1-$2
      Mohair Wigs are US$5
      Outfits and Shoes are also in a very low price~
      COME & VISIT US!

      Glass eyes and outfits Restocked
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    2. I followed your link, could not see an event section, and the eyes and wigs I quickly looked at ( there were LoTs) were still priced at regular prices. Where are the event items on your site please?????
    3. I am having trouble registering to buy - the activation link hasn't been mailed to me (I checked spam/junk too, not there). How long does the activation email take to send normally? Is there any way I can compete the transaction as a guest (through PayPal)?
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    4. Same here, activation link hasn't been mailed yet, despite registering several times and sending a mail to [email protected].
    5. Your account are already actived, You can now login to our site,
      Thank you~

      We already sent you a mail with the URL of clearence items, Thank you!
    6. Sorry, but I have not got a mail with the URL clearance items...please give me the exact URL
    7. Honeyrider. There is no exact url with clearance items, just go to their website and check out the pricing on the items they mentioned.
      As for me, before signing in it said i could pay through bank transfer, but now i only see paypal as payment... Which is unfortunate since i'm just awaiting a new creditcard to arrive monday. I sent a mail again but no reply; most of what i picked is sold out by now. Ah well, nevermind.
    8. I received the e-mail, but when I clicked the link I got a message that said "Registration failed: Verification code not found."
    9. Glass eyes




      Your account are already actived, Sorry for the inconvenience~
    10. All my codes worked!!!! Managed to order ...although it is selling out fast!!!
      How many times a year does your shop have events like these????
    11. Hello, I am also having problems with the activation
    12. Your account are already actived, Sorry for the inconvenience~
    13. Restocked Glass eyes and outfits
    14. Is the site down? All the links are not working.
    15. Same for me, I can`t get the links to work
    16. Big fake? No one letter with answer, paid order hadn't send within two weeks. I returned money by Paypal.
    17. The links all give the http error 500 and if you type pupapa on google and try to access the website with the "D.Eyes.Y" page link it redirects you to weird pubs/popups
    18. I revieced all my orders, maybe yours just got lost in the mail. They're not fake though. Sorry for your misfortune :/
    19. Has anyone managed to log on since re-stock announcement????
    20. On my side, there's nothing at their url, page is entirely blank.