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Dec 1, 2009

    1. PUPA PARADISE will release the 1/3 & 1/4 Dummy again in December.
      This time an adjustable wooden base is included, and the material is more durable.

      Size: 1/3 (base on SD13) and 1/4 (base on DOD)
      Material: Foam PU (can pin)
      Colour: flesh-grey / Black
      Base: Wood
      Holder: Electroplated Iron (height adjustable)
      Original Price: US$46.5 (Same price in both sizes)
      10%off Reservation price:US$41.5
      Estimated date of release: 31 Dec 2009
      Reservation will end on 16 Dec 2009

      Shipping cost for 1 set of Dummy is around US$8.5 via registered airmail, or US$17 via EMS. Shipping cost will be different depended on different countries.

      How to join:
      Please PM me if you are interested,or just post reply on this thread as following:
      Size: (1/3 or 1/4)
      Colour: (black or flesh-grey)
      Location: (USA, UK...etc)

      1/4 Dummy-size base on DOD old type:B18.6cm W14.7cm H19cm
      1/3 Dummy-size base on SD13:B25cm W19.8cm H26cm
      fabric in flesh-grey colour
    2. The prices of our Chinese glass eyes are reduce!
    3. Interesting. Do you plan on making those dressforms in any other sizes? I'd be interested in seeing them with the measurements for the Luts female mature body (58 cm).
    4. We choose SD13 for the size of our Dummy, because it also suitable for various type of doll body.

      The sizes difference between SD13 and Luts female mature body is as following:
      SD13: chest:24cm waist:18.5cm Hip:25.5cm
      Luts: chest:23cm waist:17.5cm Hip:26.5cm
    5. 1/3 and 1/4 dummy are released.
    6. Would the 1/4 size dummy be similar in size to a Mini Fee? (I'm not familiar with DOD measurements) If not, I would be very interested in seeing a Mini Fee sized dummy ^_^
    7. Their measurements are:
      DOC-------B: 18.6cm W: 14.7cm H: 19cm
      Mini Fee---B: 17cm W: 12.5cm H: 19.5cm
      They are not very similar, but also usable.
    8. Marking Tape for Dummy
      White and red colors are available
      Size in 3mm width and 30m length.