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PUPAPA "Quino" 25.5cm discussion Part 1

Mar 30, 2010

    1. They were on dollism,
      i spotted them on a big number of flickr dollism pictures and knew that they must have been pupa's.
      But i had never expected them to be sold on the website ever [sort of..dollism limited event doll]

      Because there are not that many good pictures on their website,
      here the flickr pictures:






      Must say i do agree that that leg system looks a bit strange But you can simply not use it.
      And the torso joint does bother me a bit because it doesn't fit together as well as i would like to see...
      but it's not as if i will photograph her naked if i get her x'D [and if so...i will just photoshop the joint out] =3=

    2. :DHere are Viccia's preliminary pix, I know that I said that I was going to wait, but...this is Viccia with her default wig, I only got her normal face plate and opted out of the sanding, BTW:


      Here she is with all of her free goodies, forgot to mention the face protector and silicone cap that also came with her!:


      AND...here she is wearing my Dia's wig (on my Plantet Doll Mini Riz, in my avatar here), it is a Bisou Ai size 4.5, fits perfectly!!!


      :aheartbeaI REALLY LOVE HER!!! And, when her other clothes/wig comes, there will be more spammage!!!

      Take care,

    3. Can someone show us the naked assemblied body ?
      I searched for it, but...... U_U
    4. For a Yo size doll the basic girls are pretty normal in price. And the fullsets come with 3 face-plates and extra hands so I don't think they are over priced. But the sale is sure awesome!

      I pm'ed Shuen to find out what size clothes they wear and good news 1/6 size will work! So Blythe/Pullip/Azone and Barbie should work!
    5. My Quino's here! A few initial impressions:

      • Her packaging is probably the nicest of any doll I have, similar to Fairyland packaging. The two extra faceplates each came with acrylic eyes and a protector. It's a bit like opening a treasure chest.

      • She can wear a lot of 1/6 clothes, though her hands won't always fit through the armholes. I mainly have skirts and dresses, trousers might be a challenge.

      • Her feet are huge! Which is adorable, she has cutely separated toes. But I had thought she'd easily share shoes with Hujoo, and most are too small for her. The high-heeled feet fit better than the flat feet, I did manage to squeeze them into a couple of things.

      • I replaced her feet easily, but her arm stringing is very tight. I'd have to unstring the arms to change hands, at least the first time. The faceplate magnets are well-placed and work better than other faceplate dolls I have in that size.

      • She has a kind of fluid, slouchy body language that I wasn't expecting, and she's very pigeon-toed. It's cute though, she's very graceful.

      I will try to post photos tomorrow or over the weekend. Has anyone else's arrived yet?
    6. My Orchis

    7. CUTE!!!! What's she wearing? She looks so cool!
    8. I am intrigued by these cuties - does anyone have any comparison shots to share with them standing next to/interacting with other tiny bjds? I am trying to wrap my head around the size and am failing miserably...
    9. So cute!!! I've got the money for one but I want to wait and see if I can get both!

      Also-I asked Pupapa and the Quino girls can wear Blythe clothes!! I found a great site for clothes http://www.thisisblythe.com/shop/cart.php?target=category&category_id=115

      I'm looking forward to having dolls I can dress for a reasonable amount of money :)

      *squee! I just ordered clothes!
    10. Blythe Mango, Quino Orchis, Planetdoll Mini Roseanne:

      Orchis has the high-heeled feet, so she is a little taller than she would be otherwise. She can wear some Blythe things, but she has longer arms and bigger hands, so be careful about sleeves. Trousers, socks and shoes for Blythe probably won't fit.
    11. Here she is wearing Blythe Very Vicky's default skirt and blouse:


      (And hat too, but on Blythe it's a tiny hat.)

      Every Blythe skirt I've tried on her fits perfectly, they may well have the exact same waist measurement. Even the slender skirts I've tried have fit. Shirts are hit or miss; knit shirts are usually fine, but with blouses it depends on the armholes and sleeves. Most of them are ok though and fit perfectly in the torso.

      Regular Blythe/Barbie/Momoko shoes do not even come close to fitting. Hujoo shoes sometimes fit. I've had better luck getting the high-heeled feet into shoes than the flat feet.

      These fit perfectly:

      She can get her high-heeled feet into these, though the toes poke up a bit:

      These do not fit:
    12. The resin is a little bit plasticky, but still pretty nice. I ordered mine with sanded seams and they did a good job, she's completely smooth and finished nicely. All her parts fit together perfectly. Her skintone is very pale with a hint of cream.
    13. Looks like the best option is buy a couple pairs of shoes for her from Pupapa when ordering the doll.

      Also- I noticed Dollmore's 16" fashion doll shoes might fit- their foot size is 4cm which is only a little larger than Quinos.
    14. My comparison pictures wishlist, if anyone can help:

      Quino with a YoSD, Pullip, and MSD
    15. YoSD size is fine! I'm just trying to get a handle on their size still!
    16. Sorry to double post like this, but my Orchis is in my hands now! She's named Usva and I'll be doing her faceup later today if I have the time. :3 Oooh! She's a bit wonky from the legs, but alltogether she's very unique and beautiful doll. I totally love the sleepy faceplate! Now just waiting until I get eyes for her and Uninu makes her wig. :3