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~pupapa~quino released!

Mar 30, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Direct Link: http://www.pupapa.com/shop/index.php?cPath=29
      My Original dolls Orchis and Viccia is already released,
      They come out in a limited quantity.
      Please click the picture for their detail.
      Thank you!:aheartbea
      Some close up of Orchis
      Some close up of Viccia
      Casting in Japan
      Sculpted by Dreamscreator Shuen / Hong Kong
      Quino was shown in HKDP4(2009).
      There are a misunderstanding that Some people think I'm japanese. I have to clarify that I'm a trueborn Hong Kong citizen.

      Q: What kind of cloth fit on Quino?
      A: Most of the 1/6 and Blythe dress are wearable. But beware the length of Blythe dress because Quino has a long leg.
    2. I started a discussion thread here!

      Could we maybe see more closeups of the dolls with faceup? :D
    3. [​IMG]
      New item: Silicone cap for 5" doll head
      Easy to wear small wigs, and prevent coloring.
    4. Notice: Tailor's Dummy 20% off Discount due at the end of Aug,2010
    5. New 8,10,14,18mm D.eye,Y with black pupil release.