PuyooDoll (Puyoo Art & Creative)

Sep 16, 2020

    1. Puyoodoll is a company that recently caught my attention, unfortunately I was a little late and missed their order period for their last release.

      Hopefully I can get on board the next one, but I would love to hear some owner experience (and see some cute pictures)! How is the resin faring as far as yellowing or color changing? How tightly was it strung when you received it? Or anything else of note.

      Link to the company homepage here.
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    2. Hnnng I'm so tempted~! I've been wanting a tan one though, milk tea is a pretty colour but I saw an image indicating they have a darker tan (chocolate I think?) so I'm not sure if I should wait
    3. I'm in the exact same boat, but it seems like they didn't do the tan color for this most recent release so I didn't preorder one. I haven't seen anyone else with one either so I wonder if that one is real or maybe one of a kind. I would love to have one of my own someday!
    4. I've seen at least one on twitter, but maybe it is one of a kind. There was a poll for resin colours at one point, and chocolate was the lowest so maybe they don't feel it's worth offering too often. I caved in the end and got a milk tea Ruru, from pics I've seen it's a really cute colour too
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    5. I've been waiting to place an order too! So sad that I found out about Puyoodolls when they were all sold out.

      About tan skins, I actually searched the company's official weibo before and currently Tan Skin is only available to order for Chinese residents pre-order only. I am not sure if the Tan mentioned is chocolate or is actually Milk Tea though, since I'm relying on google translate and it is really hard to browse on Weibo.

      They also have a Taobao listing, but curently only for those who are paying for their final payments after deposits.

      Puyoodoll sometimes open pre-orders for Chinese residents, and put a listing a Taobao, so the best bet is by using a shopping service that has a Chinese warehouse. I don't know about Puyoodoll, but sometimes Chinese artists won't send dolls to known proxy warehouses for Chinese only orders, but some will send with the note that if the doll is actually purchased from a non-Chinese, then the artist will not listen to any complains or problems.

      The pre-orders also depends. So far, I saw a cream and original skin only pre-orders and pre-orders for all skin color.

      They just closed the pre-orders last October 15th though, so we will have to wait more if we want to order through Taobao ^^
    6. I have no doubt they will eventually open up orders for everyone else, so I guess it is a matter of how long you want to wait. Turnaround for my doll was 6.5 mo.
      Also, Puyoodoll has fantastic resin. You won't be disappointed in quality.