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PW 10th Anniversary Event [Peak's Woods]

Jan 3, 2012

    1. Dear all,

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      We'd be happy to let everyone know that it's our 10th anniversary.
      We are certainly sure that we could never made it here today without your love and interest.
      For that reason we do thank you all for your great love and support towards us and therefore we PW promise full of surprises and events to make your 2012 even more special.

      Here comes the first event.
      We PW are holding a PW Design Contest.
      This design will be used for a mug cup that will be given to the customers as a thank you gift.
      And it will also be on the PW staff T-shirt for all the domestic and international doll conventions.

      Here are the details regarding the design.

      *Design must be sent in JPEG format, 600 pixcels for printing.
      *There is no limit in color.
      *Design should include 'peakswoods.com'.
      *Design should be sent to our Photo Gallery directly or email it to us at"cjsdnjswkd74@hanmail.net"

      *Grand prize : Any PW doll the winner selects
      Prize for Fun idea
      Prize for great idea
      Prize for creative idea : Three winners above will be given PW monthly fairy(there will be a notice regarding it soon)

      *Contest Period : Jan. 10 ~ Jan. 25

      We are looking forward to many fun and brilliant ideas of yours.
      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
      And remember this following event is for all the PW fans and fellows.
      So please don't hesitate to enter and have fun with us.

      We wish you all a grand new year~~~!!!

      Best regards

      Peak's Woods

      *The three heads from the LE "Alice in Wickedland" are now available as basic.

    2. Please notice that there should be one design per one contestant.
      Thank you.
    3. This sounds cool! So there's no limit to the type of design? For example, illustration vs. graphic design, certain motifs that we should stick to, etc...or anything goes? :) thank you!
    4. Hi, fishbonez.
      Thank you very much for your question.
      Nothing will stop you from using your creativity. :)
    5. Are their specific Dimensions that you want the design in?
    6. the dimensions are 600pixels by 600 pixels. This you can check in your image's properties, or you can do so in a program like photoshop or MSpaint.
    7. Oh yeah about that...would 600 pixels (width or length or both?) really be enough for printing on mugs/tshirts? Or is that just the size to submit it, and if/when they need the high resolution file they'll contact the winner(s)?
    8. Yes, it's 600 pixels on both sides for the entry and we will contact the winners later for the high resolution file. :)
    9. how will you be contacting the winners, by phone or email? does the image have to be neat?
    10. The image doesn't have to be neat.
      And we will contact the winners by email. :)
    11. is there a specific theme to this contest? :sweat
    12. oh, I'm very sorry for the late reply.
      No, there's no specific theme.
      Because of the time difference, we will accept the entries till 26th of Jan(korean time).
      So if you have any, please hurry up~!! lol
    13. Hi, this is Peak's Woods.
      We'd like to thank all the contestants again for your such efforts and interest.
      As a host of the PW Design Contest, we've had so much fun and it was our true honor to
      have all the beautiful work of your art.

      Frankly speaking it was a much more harsh competition than we thougt
      so we had to change a little things regarding the awards.

      There will be a Grand Prize for one winner
      who will have a chance to choose any PW doll as a prize.
      And twelve winners instead of 3 will be received an award of ShuShu.
      And the rest of the contestants will be given 10 points
      as a small token of our apprecition for your hard work.

      And here are the winners.

      Grand Prize : Francisco Martins

      Winners : The order has nothing to do with the ranking!!

      *Tammy al slm
      *M. Hernandez (Soho)
      *Mali dielingen
      *Emma (foolbot)
      *Wesley Fraser

      *Congratulations all the winners on your winning~~~!!
      And the rest of you, please don't be too disappointed. Everyone was very close and every design was amazing.
      Please notice that all the winners are required to email us your shipping info and the original high resolution file.

      Email address : cjsdnjswkd74@hanmail.net

      And as we mentioned in the first place, the winning designs will be the property of PW and used in various ways.

      For the last time, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support so far.
      Have a beautiful day~~!!!