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New Company [PYGMALION DOLLS] Introducing Pygmalion Dolls

Apr 18, 2017

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello! I would like to introduce you to Pygmalion Dolls. We realize it's a bit of a late introduction but it's better late than never! So without further ado;

      first opened in June of 2015. We are a small artist owned and operated shop specializing in realistic, beautiful 30cm and 71cm boys. We put beauty and aesthetics at our utmost priority and strive to create dolls you can fall in love with again and again.

      Origin / Artist Message:

      Pygmalion fell in love with the beautiful statue he created.

      Many will remember the legend of how Aphrodite understood Pygmalion’s sincerity and granted life to the statue Galatea. Most, if not everyone who create would have some sort of love and affection towards their creation just like Pygmalion. However, I believe it shouldn’t end there; I believe my creations are granted new life from their owners. I consider you (the owner) to be another Pygmalion as well as Aphrodite to my creations.

      While studying sculpture in college, I found great interest and fascination in realistic representation of the human body. I opened Pygmalion Dolls in hopes of creating something that you can give life to.

      Order Policies to Note:
      In order to assure that all orders are created and shipped out in a timely manner, we limit the number of sales of bodies. After shipment of all body orders are sent out we will allow for more orders.
      The heads are available at all times. We hope you understand our dedication to minimize delay.

      Please visit us!
      Website: PYGMALION SHOP
      Facebook: Pygmalion Dolls
      Instagram: pygmalion (@pygmalion_doll) • Instagram photos and videos

      Official Dealers:

      UK: Frost Bitten
      China(TaoBao): Big BJD

      Feel free to PM me for any questions or concerns. Thank you :)

      ++ We are currently re-writing all of our English posts on our website for better comprehension. We ask for your patience and understanding. Thank you so much for your interest in Pygmalion Dolls!
      #1 hisuida, Apr 18, 2017
      Last edited: May 16, 2017
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    2. Lovely dolls!! Do you plan to release any other doll lines?
    3. Thank you @Melancholic_dolly ! We really appreciate your interest in Pygmalion Dolls :) We are planning on 1/4 scale female fashion dolls but nothing is set in stone.
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    4. Hello! It seems that all of your lovely tan skin options are sold out. Are there any plans to re release them?
    5. Hello @Safira , we have temporarily sold out of those skin colors due to some production issues. We're working hard to resolve this and will resume taking orders for Tan and Sand Beige as soon as possible! Sorry for any inconvenience caused :0 Thank you for your interest in Pygmalion Dolls :)
    6. Hi!
      Will you be rereleasing your 30 cm boys anytime soon?

      Thank you
    7. Hello @eviltofu , we are planning to take more orders for IYH30 dolls during the next ordering cycle (which is after all the current orders are shipped out) which would be around May. However, due to the monsoon season, we are not sure if we would even be able to take orders due to production difficulties. We will post additional news here, our official website and facebook page as well to keep people up to date :) Thank you for your interest in Pygmalion Dolls!
    8. HI, I'd like to know the resin match for Pygmalion dolls.
    9. Hello, @Melancholic_dolly, thank you for your interest! Sadly, we do not own any other companies' dolls or resin samples at this time. If you go to the Review board in our official website, you can see that there are a few owners that have our heads on different bodies which may help. Sorry about the inconvenience!
    10. Hello everyone,
      Allen head has been discontinued. We have accepted last orders for him yesterday and will not be able to produce him anymore.
      Thank you all for your love and support- Hopefully we will be able to welcome someone new soon.
      Please feel free to contact us with any questions :)
      #10 hisuida, May 23, 2017
      Last edited: May 23, 2017
    11. We have made some updates to the official website!

      1. We opened up a mobile website! You can browse with ease on any of your mobile devices now :D
      2. We added an "Authenticity" menu which will direct you to the Serial Number Lookup page.
      All orders placed on or after April 2017 will have a metal plate with the serial number stamped on it.
      You can look up the order information using this number.

      If you would like your name to be displayed differently, just give me a PM and I'll change it :D

      Thanks as always for your support :D
      #11 hisuida, May 27, 2017
      Last edited: May 27, 2017
    12. Hi @hisuida! I was wondering if I could request my owner name in the Authenticity part of the website to appear as my real name or my username here in Den (Valesca)? When I signed up to your site, some letters in my username was turned into random numbers. Sadly, I don't have the option to change it anymore to correct it. :whee:
    13. Hello, @Valesca -
      Yes, I can change that to your liking :) Please PM me your ID as it shows now and I'll fix it for you. Thanks!
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    14. You do very handsome male sculpts. I love dolls with teeth, so I like this new sculpt very much. I wonder if you plan to do any mature faces? Maybe a man that looks about 40 years old?
    15. Hello, @Flamingomoon !
      Thanks for your kind words :) We are planning to eventually have a more diverse range of faces in the future but as of yet don't have any plans of creating more mature sculpts. Thank you again and have a wonderful day :)