New Doll [Pygmalion Dolls] Matthew and Lavier Release!

Oct 26, 2017

    1. Exciting news! Our 2 new head molds, Matthew and Lavier is available for sale :D
      Please join me in welcoming our new models to the Pygmalion Doll family!
      (Click on the names / pictures and you will be directed to their sales page :) )

      As usual, you will get a 5% discount on the heads since it does not have 'concept' pictures with faceups / wigs / etc ready yet. Please note that the discount may terminate at any time without notice.




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    2. Fantastic! I see no body is available on your website. Is there a particular size body you recommend to go with these heads? Thank you!

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    3. Can I order body too?
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    4. thank you!

      If you head over to the Pygmalion Dolls discussion thread, there are some body recommendations from other owners :) We will be taking orders for bodies as well, though they may take a bit longer.

      Yes! Body orders should have opened / will open very soon! :) Link here: TEIA71 New Body
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    5. Just as a reminder! If you got Pygmalion Dolls' heads / bodies second-handedly or if you would like to change how the Authenticity Page displays your name, feel free to PM me! I will update it to say the current owner's name / ID / nickname however you'd like to display it :D