Update [Pygmalion Dolls][Notice] Temporary Summer Production Hiatus

Jun 20, 2017

    1. Hello, this is Pygmalion Dolls.

      Sadly, we are experiencing difficulty producing dolls due to the high humidity and temperature in South Korea.
      We have been working longer hours - almost 20 hours a day - but despite our efforts, we are getting way too many defective products.

      With a heavy heart, we will be having a temporary break in production and sales until the weather becomes cooler.

      We will be taking head orders until June 21st 23:59 (South Korean Time GMT/UTC + 9h) and those orders will be shipped out according to our usual schedule.

      Please refer to our official notice for more information: Temporary Summer Production / Sales HiatusNotice&Event - PYGMALION

      Please do not hesitate to PM me with any questions or concerns and we apologize for all of you who were waiting for the next ordering period to open.
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