Pygmalion Dolls

Apr 10, 2016

    1. Has anyone heard of Pygmalion Dolls, and/or purchased from them?

      I just happened across the artist on instagram, was really impressed and to my surprise found that they've released four heads and a 70cm male body already, and seem to be working on a fifth head, and I've never even seen or heard of any of them up until now. Really gorgeous work! I'm half in love with their Robin, and tempted to join in on their next order period for a head. As far as I can tell, although everything says sold out they are not limited but you have to wait for the order periods to open and they do sell overseas.

      pygmalion @pygmalion_doll Instagram profile - Pikore
      pygmalion*** : ???̹? ???α?
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    2. Oh yes, I have a Pygmalion Ha head here! I love the quality and the insertable teeth ^_^ The resin is lovely too. I can take some photos of him if you like, because there are very few online.
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    3. @zoziejane that's awesome! :D I'd love to see photos of your Ha, and I'm sure a lot of other DoA members would be interested too. With sculpts as lovely as that, I feel like this company will gain fans quickly.
    4. I just saw someone in the MP selling a head from this company and was like "Why have I not heard of this company before? That sculpt is beautiful!" I'd love to see photos of your Ha too~!
    5. Here's some pictures of my Ha. Please forgive the horrendous iPhone photos!!

      AAAARGH This time it better work!! Haha sorry guys :P
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    6. Oh he's beautiful! Such a sultry expression :D
    7. Thank you so much! He's a moody boy ^_^
    8. @zoziejane Oh, what an expressive face~! And his teeth parts are removable? That's always a plus! XD
    9. Wow, I love the idea of removable teeth. Also point of interest, Pygmalion is from a Greek myth where a sculptor fell in love with his statue and the gods made her real.
    10. Yeah, they can be removed, which is awesome! I haven't painted the teeth yet, but I reckon they will look more realistic when I do ^_^ I love this sculpt so much!!

      That's interesting about the Greek myth too- I did wonder where the name came from.
    11. All their faces seem so fresh and realistic! Ha is very nice in kind of dreaming about something. Robin takes place in my heart! But they all are sold out. Is it forever or like migidoll system?
    12. According to their faq page:

      Unless announced otherwise, we would like to inform you that there are no plans to discontinue the dolls made at Pygmalion.

      Even if discontinuation is decided, we will first give notice several months in advance and leave a period of time before discontinuing.

      Unrelated to the discontinuation of products, in order for more efficient manufacturing and production, we receive orders in a short-term system.

      The period in which orders are received may change due to circumstances.

      So it looks like sold out doesn't mean forever, but they only open orders sometimes rather than having orders continually available. Seems their last sale period was in February, according to their notice&event page. I hope they will have a new sale period open up later this year.
    13. Like someone mentioned in a previous post, I saw someone selling a head from the company and instantly fell in love and did some digging. I think I know what my next doll is going to be because these sculpts are absolutely beautiful and the company definitely deserves all the fans!
    14. Hello everyone! Pygmalion is a wonderful company to work with. They are super friendly. The quality is great. Currently right now I have a Ha in tan skin but he is not complete yet sadly. For those who are interested in their work you should shoot them an email!
    15. @Jubei im actually highly considering getting a ha in tan! He's absolutely beautiful. The only reason I'm iffy is because I want to hybrid him (the body they sell is too bulky for the character) but matching tans is not a fun thing. Can I ask how the tan is in person? C: I'm always worried a company's tan is going to be too orange for my taste!
    16. OMG I recognize some of these boys! KPop idols.... I'm so sure (although none of the ones I'm into enough to know the names LOL) Beautiful dolls
    17. Oh wow, thanks @Miri for even starting this thread. These dolls are splendid & I'm so glad I just found out about them! I'm loving Kyle & Robin; would love to see owner pics as well~ :D

      Watching this thread avidly now since I don't have any social networks.
    18. If anyone finds out a good hybrid body for these guys, i'd love to hear about it! These dolls are so handsome~
    19. @Choctopi I think I'm going to try and hybrid one as soon as I save up enough money for both a head and a body o uod I'll post findings at some point. A friend with a few different body typed said I could definitely try the head on all her boys when I get him, to see what height/sizes he looks good on. .
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