Pygmaliondoll Teia 71 cm Discussion

Jul 13, 2016

    1. Hi, dear friends!
      I want to introduce you incredible dolls what I discovered to myself this year and wanted to catch them all from those moment.
      They was made by very talented Korean sculptor Lee who is famous as Pygmalion.
      Many people know the story of Pygmalion who fell in love with a statue of a woman he had carved,
      and how through the help of Aphrodite who understood his ardor the statue Galatea received life.
      Beautiful BJD dolls of Pygmaliondoll capture hearts of their owners now as at ancient times^^
      My great love - Pygmaliondoll boys. Now I have Kyle and I want to have Ha so much (I bought his head in tan skin, but then he was sooo dark and I should need to leave him).

      Doll company Pygmaliondoll was opened at June of 2015. Now company produces 2 lines of dolls: 71 cm Teia boys and 30 cm IYH boys. Dolls has very high quality, batched from good matt heavy resin. All postproduction works made by Pygmalion.

      Doll site (international):
      Instagram: @pygmalion_doll

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