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Q: Dollshe Ru: does she fit Blythe/Who's that girl clothing? A: YES! Mostly...

Jun 4, 2006

    1. Does anyone know of some good clothing sites for blythe/pullip? I know of sugarmag doll (or at least, amelie taylor) I need to find some cool clothing for my Ru, and I'm pretty sure they have almost the same measurements.

      Also, I was wondering if Ru would fit in Volk's Who's That Girl Clothing? There are definitely a few cute things on there...i know to be cautious of sleeve size, but are there any other things that I should watch out for? What exactly are the measurements of a volks who's that girl doll anyway?

      Answer to these Questions: (From my experience) Yes, Dollshe Ru fits both these clothing types, but you have to watch for sleeves and pants. I would say dresses with short/no sleeves are the safest bet. See my latest reply for more details.
    2. I ordered Cricket from Tensiya when she first came out, she wasn't available at Luts then. I think the additional amount may be a shipment fee to get it from Anu to them? Not sure what that is. I know from Tensiya you have to order the wig separately, do they include the wig when you order it from Luts?

      I got purple eyes with mine, so I think they are default, at least from Tensiya. As for faceup, you can always ask Anu at Tensiya, I'm sure she'll accomodate you if she can, she's very nice to deal with. I've heard that the faceup is different on the Luts Rus than it is on the Tensiya ones, but I haven't seen any others in person. It never hurts to ask :)
    3. Thanks for the fast reply!

      Hmm, that makes sense...it may very well be a shipment fee. And no, I don't think Luts gives a wig in the package.

      Alrighty, I think I may order her from Tensiya then! I've done some calculations and it would be cheaper to do it that way. Oh! Before I forget again, did you get your Ru with a default faceup? On the site she doesn't have any eyelashes and I was wondering if Tensiya included eyelashes with their defaults (I don't think i want eyelashes, so no eyelashes is a good thing)


    4. Yes, Cricket has a default faceup....I'm not sure about the eyelashes, I will check when I get home tonight (I'm at the Sacramento Airport right now, waiting for a flight). I don't recall her having them, but to be honest I can't really remember...how sad is that?

      Edit: Finally home, Cricket does not have eyelashes :)
    5. I had bought my Ru from Luts (she has since been adopted by someone else). She came with eyelashes and blue eyes. And the make up was different than the Tensiya.
    6. Bumpy? Um...yeah.
    7. I bought mine from Iplehouse and she came with purple eyes and gorgeous lashes. She's painted fairly pale, but not too pale. I've given her brown eyes and a strawberry blonde wig. I was going to sell her a while back, but it fell through, so she's still here looking utterly cute!

    8. would you mind helping me out and measuring her? I want to find out if she could fit blythe/pullip clothing, and since I have the measurements of those dolls already all I need to know is Ru's size. So if you would like to help me, just like, her chest/waist/hips would help me out a lot. Thank you, if you decided to take the time!!
    9. That's fine, she needed a change of clothes and I'm happy to help.
      She doesn't have a bust really, just little dots of resin.
      Bust: 4 1/8"
      Waist 4 1/4"
      Hips at widest part which includes her leg joint 4 3/4"
      Inside leg: 5 7/8"
      Inside arm: a tad over 2 1/2" depends where her arm is positioned. This was with it down at her side.
      She has outspread hands and often things won't go over them. I know fitted Barbie sleeves won't.
    10. I think "I" am the one who bought Dena's Ru:D Here is my sweet Karlie wearing an outfit made for Riley. As you can see the top is fine but the pants are way too short:) But they fit otherwise. She has no shoes as they are harder to find.

    11. hehe yeah, I saw her very erect nipples before! I just meant the measurement of her...upper chest circumference, I guess.

      Thank you very much for the detailed measurements! (and warning me about fitted sleeves) I appreciate it a lot!

      cheridollfanatic: It's a good thing my Ru will be mostly wearing dresses, then! I don't have to worry about her uber long legs.

      I read some old threads about Ru shoes, she apparently fits a size #38 shoe, from the seller jujus5gkids, on ebay.
    12. i'm bumping this because i've just ordered some "who's that girl?" and blythe clothing for my ru, and omg please tell me they'll fit. I was trying to order things with no sleeves/loose sleeves, and stayed away from pants, so I'm confident I'll be ok. But, does anyone know for sure? I keep seeing cute blythe outfits on ebay, and if they don't fit I would like to stop buying them, haha.

    13. I'm pretty sure Ru's a little thick for most Barbie clothing unless it's pretty loose so some should work OK, and if WTG stuff isn't made too thin (I think the WTG dolls are a little slimmer than Barbie,) they should be OK. Blythe's are smaller than Barbie's and will most likely not fit, unless it's a super super super loose fit....
    14. Nah, she fits Barbie stuff okay, least from my experience, you only have to watch the sleeve tightness. I haven't had any problems with stuff not fitting except being a little big in the top. Unless the Blythe clothing is *really* stretchy, it will most likely be too small...all of the things I bought were. Not sure on WTG, but if they're smaller than Barbie, they'll be at least snug...Ru has no defined waistline, she's pretty much a stick, and many fashion doll outfits have narrow waists.

      Shoes: I got 38-40mm shoes from TinyCustomStitches on eBay. They work fine, as do the little rubber shoes on the Yo-sized Walmart dolls.
    15. the blythe stuff I've bought for her are all dresses that have no defined waist and are very loose, so I am hopeful. I guess I'll know in a couple of days...

      There's even a store that sells blythe clothing where I live, and I thought the outfits looked like they would fit fine (they even looked a little large to me o_o). I just didn't buy any cause there wasn't any I liked, haha. Hopefully at least the large dress sweater and arm bands I got from who's that girl will fit ;o;

      Thanks everyone who responded!
    16. Just thought I would leave this thread with a bit of an update - I've received my Who's that Girl Clothing and 2 blythe dresses, and so far everything has fit.

      Who's that Girl clothing: you have to be cautious of sleeves, so don't go too long. I bought a dress and had to cut off the sleeves to make it fit. Sweaters with long sleeves should work fine, assuming it's a stretchy sweater knit (I bought a sweater with long sleeves and it's great). I didn't buy any pants as I like to dress my Ru in dresses, so I can't say if those would fit or not. But, I'm guessing pants would be too short/not wide enough to fit, unless they are long, baggy pants.

      Blythe Clothing: I bought two loosely-fitting (for blythe) dresses, and both fit fine. They are meant to be loose on a blythe, but on Ru they are more snug. Blythe dresses are also quite short, but pair them with tights and they look great on Ru. One dress I bought is a little tight around the bust, so some velcro shows, but it still closes so that's not a problem for me. The other dress seems to be fitting better. Both dresses I bought have no sleeves, and I wouldn't recommend getting blythe dresses with sleeves, as Ru's hands are quite wide. So yeah, I find blythe clothing fits Ru fine...you just have to stick to sleeveless loose dresses, mostly.

      Hope that helps someone! I swear this will be the last time I update this thread, haha.