Quarantine Crafting

Mar 20, 2020

    1. I am working from home, and I have a few projects I am working on. My projects need to be able to be picked up and set aside quickly due to the nature of my job.

      I am interested in if anyone else is getting extra project time, and if so what are you making?
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    2. That's a yes from me. I've been able to get extra project time due to my work schedule being altered and I was able to finish a yarn wig already.
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    3. Big yes from me! Two crochet projects (a MSD dress and SD sweater) plus a wig for my currently bald SD boy and maybe a few touchups on his faceup. Definitely a lot to keep myself busy during this quarantine!
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    4. My workplace is closed yesterday, so I have extra time too. I really don't know what I start. I just can't get a dust mask, so no face up making. (I need to drill and I won't do it without an ffp2 mask) Maybe I start to play a bit with polymer clay. I like to try sculpting . Or sewing some easy clothes for my boy. It's time for something to do. Something what is not about COVID19...
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    5. Oh yes, definitely! I have five project dolls to fix up, and at least 6 outfits to sew! Fortunately, I am one of those people who buy all of the supplies for a project and then procrastinates for months. So now, I have the time and I already have the supplies :XD:
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    6. Nah my work doesn't care about the virus, so I still get to work all day. I'm going out of town this weekend, though, so here's hoping I can get to sculpting!
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    7. Ooooh! Sculpting what, if I may ask?
    8. I haven't gotten to the crafting yet, so far I've only managed to clean out my trim, applique, notions, and half finished project stash. Today I'm gonna clean out the fabric. I don't feel like I can craft until I know what I have and make sense of this mess. :|
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    9. I've been Working From Home since Tuesday this week and, so far, the extra three hours a day I've gained from not having to commute has... have evaporated into the ether without my having any conscious knowledge of it happening.

      Theoretically, I should be getting a lot more reading and crafts done but... not so far.

      I've just gained an extra "free" weekend because our gaming grooup has decided to cancel thisweekend of D&D... we whall see whether this leads to my embarking on the long-overdue clrear-up (excavation...) of the disaster that is the sewing-room I am supposed to share with my long-suffering husband (I'm a messy worker, and spread into all available space, so he usually can't get near his half of the room and ends up working on his sewing projects in front of the TV in the living-room. somehow this results in him getting far more done than I do...)

      So, we shall see

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    10. I'm knitting so much, my needles are starting to smoke!
      Seriously, though, I am gearing up to knit "Outlander" Brianna's capelet for 10" Littlefee or 80 cm Lusion Dahlia from free human-sized knitting patterns on Ravelry.
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    11. A definite yes from me! I am trying to make some clothes for my new guy Peter and also sort out Bernard my first doll. At the moment I am making a green sweater for Peter but I am not sure what to make for Bernard yet but I am trying to give him a more gothic style like my other dolls have!
      I am also drawing a whole lot too and it feels great to get back to some more art/craft stuff outside of my academic stuff :)
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    12. I have been retired for many years so am used to having lots of time, but one thing I have noticed this past week is the sense of comfort that comes to me simply because I am knitting. I wish that comfort for everyone.
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    13. I'm really wanting to make my own doll(s). I've been looking into casting equipment as well.
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    14. That is awesome! I think we all dream about making our own dolls, I'd love to see.
    15. I need to re learn, sewing has helped me stay calm, and I'm in the financial industry.
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    16. It's funny, I have worked from home for years (20+), I run errands, have appts, couple times a week normally. Sometimes I would dread having to go do those appts, or to run those errands, preferring to just stay home, LOL but now? OMG, I just want to go do stuff and can't! Goes to show how we see things when change occurs.

      As far as crafting, Yes, always, LOVE TO! Been working on an outfit that was suppose to be for the PNW Doll show contest, which has been cancelled sadly, BUT, I will get it finished! Made a wig for my Minifee, working on another currently. Been sewing and knitting....I'm restless LOL Also working on bits for the DOA props challenge, almost done so pictures coming. I also am expecting a Myou Lorena any day now, the tracking says she's coming soon, FINALLY! YAYYYY! She has a wig to be done and clothing.

      So yes, I am crafting and making the best of a sad, scary and weird situation.

      I wish you all a healthy world...AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

      I am so with you on this, been digging through for days, but the treasures I have found!

      LOL, I can so relate, I am a shopoholic when it comes to fabric and stuff for my girls! However, it's turned into a blessing with this situation we are all in!
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    17. I've been scheming about various ones. I think my first may not be anything special. Though I do want to make a swamp mermaid, an alligator gar, and a crawfish/lobster centaur.
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    18. God I would love to have a crawfish centaur.
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    19. I'm able to work from home, so I don't have as much free time as someone without that option, and most of what extra time I do have by this new arrangement is going straight to working on my novels.

      BUT, weekends are all for doll stuff! A couple weeks ago my husband bought me a clay oven, so I'm really excited to dive back into sculpting and start working on some projects for Resin Rose! :D
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    20. No doll stuff here yet (though I've knocked out a long-unfinished afghan and will be knocking out a second one soon), but I'm hoping this weekend that I can get into my studio, pull out all the stuff for my now-cancelled convention, and finish putting it together so I can hopefully do some faceups and blushing with my extra time not going anywhere. (Fortunately, I was well stocked on cartridges for my respirator.)
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