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Queenfanforever's Feedback Thread O:

Aug 6, 2009

    1. If and when I get feedback

      here it shall go xD

      Tahdah~~~~ :3
    2. Queenfanforever commissioned me for a faceup, and she was wonderful to work with! She was very responsive and engaged throughout.

      I would definitely work with her again! Thanks for your understanding, Sam!
    3. I did a trade with Queenfanforever. She is super nice, answers her pms quickly and shipped out very fast and packaged well.

      Thank you,
    4. i did a trade with Queenandforever and everything went great!!!!!
    5. asjdhf late feedback is late ;A;

      I recently traded some SD clothes for an Angell-Studio wig with Queenfanforever, and the transaction was wonderful~

      She was super-fun to chat with, and was really adamant to get her half of the trade sent out ASAP. The wig did indeed arrive super-quick, and was in completely phenomenal condition! :>

      And she gets double props for just being super-great; the clothes ended up not really suiting her boys, and despite me offering her a tradeback, she was fine with keeping the clothes and letting me have the wig. ;3;

      I would absolutely love to do business with Queenfanforever in the future, and I recommend that everyone do the same. XD
    6. I did a trade with Queenfanforever. Perfect transaction, great communication, eyes well packaged. She even sent a cute drawing along. I would happily trade with anytime.:gingerbreadman
    7. I did a clothing trade with Queensfanforever, and it went off brilliantly, everything was exactly as described and beautiful, and shipping was ultra fast. A very responsible trader, thank you!
    8. Traded with Queenfanforever my Volks' shoes for a Wicked Stitchery shirt of hers. I absolutely love it!! She shipped quick, was fantastically communicative. :) I have nothing but good things to say about her.
    9. Did a 2nd trade with Queenfanforever and was very happy. Great transaction partner, just as the first time. She ships fast and the items are as described. She included a cute little pillow as an extra.

      Thank you,
    10. I just picked up the DSAM 32 which I received in trade from Queenfanforever. I'M THRILLED! This was an all-around great and fun transaction. Queenfanforever was wonderfully patient while the two of us waited for Soom to ship the SG body that she ultimately got from me - and very nice to have a "waiting partner" to whom I express my own insane impatience. Super quick shipping and good packaging. Thanks, Q!
    11. Sold an Angell Studio Paddy head to Queenfanforever. Everything went smoothly and she was great with communication. ^^ Thanks, hun!
    12. I bought an Angell Studio Paddy head from Queenfanforever.

      Everything went smooth, communication was fantastic and probably the best I've had in a transaction on here for a while. Shipping was slow due to holidays in my country but the box was so SO well packaged, it could have taken much longer and it wouldn't have mattered :)

      I love my item and have had a great transaction. I'd not hesitate to do business again in the future.

      Thank you!
    13. I'm leaving negative feedback for Queenfanforever. The situation has been documented in full in this Problem Transaction thread posted here: (LINK)

      To summarize what has been posted in the thread: I purchased a Dollshe Saint head from Queenfanforever, however it arrived dirty and yellowed to the point of looking green. After explaining that this was not how the head was described at all and wishing to receive a partial refund, I was denied numerous times and told I could ONLY get a full refund if I returned the head. Despite opening up a Paypal dispute, she still only gave me the same option. Not wanting to waste my time and money and then have to start a hunt for another secondhand Saint in Oriental skin when I already had a body on hold, I cancelled the dispute. I would never do business with Queenfanforever again and I cannot recommend anyone else to do so, either.
    14. In response to Sunnie
      I never refused her a refund. I offered that she should send it back in exchange for full compensation. She made a dispute on PayPal and I escalated into a claim and Paypal decided that Sunnie needed to accept the refund and send back the item. The sale thread had many pictures on it where she could see and I disclosed there was unknown yellowing. It is her own personal problem if she does not want to look for a better head for herself. Take the refund and send back the item.