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Question about Delf El Special

May 1, 2005

    1. It says on the eluts site that el special comes with

      'EL-SPECIAL' is included with:
      *Extra EL Dreaming head

      Does this mean he comes with a regular head as well, or JUST the dreaming head? I'm terribly curious, and this is probably a dumb question, but I don't want to make assumptions and then be wrong...
    2. I believe that all of the "Special" version dolls come with the dreaming/tender/sleeping/whatever they're called heads, as well as the regular, open-eye heads.
    3. He also comes with his own "special" hands. ^^
    4. I just saw this hansome guy today! I haven't noticed him before is he new or just a new picture?

    5. Yet another new picture, I believe...he's a total babe... :daisy
    6. DAAAAAAAAYM!!!!! *drools*
    7. No he's not new ! It's just a new pic with a new handsome make-up !
      what a hot boy ! ^^
    8. I kind of thought that there was a El Special but my mind slipped me. He is soo hot in his new look! :drool :love
    9. The previous picture was so forgettable...it had that weird "fish-eye lense" effect going. The new picture just makes him look so...sexy. :chibi
    10. This is in the silver wig, right?

      It looks... like his mouth is wider! :o
    11. that's shiwoo with new make up??? he seems shiwoo with defaut make up.
      he's very cute yet I tend to like boy dolls with more of baby face...
    12. I was checking out the Luts website (its been so long!) and I noticed they had an El-Special! Its out of stock, but I was wondering if it was a limited kind of thing? It doesn't say it is.. so I'm guessing it is not. If I wanted to get an El-Special, would I just have to wait for him to be in-stock again?

      Thanks for your answers! Btw, anyone have some lovely photos of this boy? My character is screaming at me to give him that for his body D: He's mighty demanding and he is threatening to curse me to Surrey without a map if I don't *_*
    13. He's not limited : D You just need to wait until he's in stock again <3

      Kisakisama here has an El Special (Kaitou and Kage), so you can easily look them up in the galleries~
    14. yea dont worry and he will come back in stock... so panic not..

      oh yea lol... Ilive in Surrey..... so can provide map tee hee :grin:

    15. is there a different in the normal fact of El and E-special.
      I ordered normal El but just want to know to change it to El-special.
      Since i know that El-special comes with extra dreaming head, but not sure if the normal heads are the same for both.
    16. The regular open-eyed heads are the same for both. :daisy I think the only differences between El and El Special is that El Special comes with the dreaming head and an extra pair of hands. You still have to pay for the faceup separately, for each head, though, so that's not any different.
    17. Well, I've been eyeing EL Special for a while.. so..

      EL Special is a good bargain if you want to buy your EL with 2 different heads (and the extra hands). It's much cheaper than getting just El and then the EL-dreaming head separately (which will cost extra, and currently the EL-dreaming head doesn't allow for make up from the LUTS people). So. :D EL Special is funky~ *gulps, i'm so biased*
    18. I ended up buying mine seperately, but that was ok. The dreaming head was the first I had seen ever in person and I adore it.
    19. I kind of wanted to get the special when I got Audrey...at the time, I didn't have the little extra cash and now Audrey informs me that he doesn't want a comatose doppleganger. So there's that. It's a great deal though, especially for an unlimited.