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Question about different Delf Lishe Sculpts

Apr 18, 2007

    1. I was wondering, can anyone tell me how many different sculpts there are of Lishe (In the 60 cm size)? I know the obvious
      1.) Normal Lishe
      2.) Dreaming
      3.) 2005 elf
      4.) 2005 dreaming elf
      5.) 2005 vampire elf
      6.) Christmas 2006 elf

      Can anyone tell me if there are any other sculpts out there? Did the limited Lishes, like the Perennis and Lupinus Lishe have their own sculpts?

      Thanks so much!
    2. I think tan is slightly different since it's a different kind of resin. Though any difference may not have been intentional.
    3. tan Lishe has a different sculpt. ^^
    4. Wow! I never realized that! Thats great to know. Thanks!
    5. I believe all the Art Delfs are just customised versions of Standard and Dreaming Lishe.
    6. I wondered if that was the case, but I did not know, thanks!

      Does anyone else know if there are any other sculpts of Lishe out there besides those 7 already mentioned?
    7. >bump< does anyone else know of any other sculpts, or are these 7 listed the only ones?
    8. There's Mini Fee Lishe, open-eyed and sleeping. :)
    9. Yes, I did know about the MNF's, but thank you. I'm mainly asking about the Delf sized, the 60 cm girls.

      Does anyone know of any others?
    10. Oh, ooops! Sorry! I don't know of any others. I'm not sure if the 2006 Elf Lishe came with a sleeping vamp head or not. . . maybe.
    11. Elf Lishe 2006 was an open eye head only, there was no vamp head offered.
    12. So, is this it?

      1.) Normal Lishe
      2.) Dreaming
      3.) 2005 elf (Limited to 68 )
      4.) 2005 dreaming elf (Limited to 68 )
      5.) 2005 vampire elf (Limited to 68 )
      6.) Christmas 2006 elf (Limited to 90)
      7.) Tanning Lishe

      I'm going to guess these 7 listed here are it, but I'm going to bump one final time!

      Thanks so much!
    13. This was just posted on the luts board the other day, it was someone asking about regular lishe sculpt, and the tanning lishe sculpt.
      So, it sounds like there are only 6 sculpts, and that the tanning lishe is not different.
    14. So they didn't de-jowl the face any when the head types went from 1 to 2, either? The newer heads look less pudgy-cheeked.

    15. I had thought it was possible they had changed as well, but so far what I have heard is that they are not different. If anyone knows for sure, I would love to know!
    16. I think I would consider Perennis and Lupinus a seperate sculpt. They made five of each so it's not like they just modified one head for each and sold it.
    17. Yeah, I was curious about those 2, and actually addressed those speficically in my innitial post. So, you think they are new sculpts, and not just modified versions of the regular Lishe?
    18. I have a lishe from about 2004, I believe thats pretty early and she has really cute cheeks..like bigger cheeks..I guess the new lishe's are more slender in the face but I really don't notice.
      I love her btw!
    19. Yes, that's excactly what I have thought ever since I saw one a while back. They're two different molds and you can tell! (Especially if you are a huge Lishe fan like me XD;; ) Her nose is much skinnier, her cheeks are more slender, and her eyes are closer together.
    20. I think it is specially noticeable in the case of the elf lishes 2003 and 2006. I own an old version , and sicne you own the newer, I'm sure you will see the changes very well.The 2006 lishes are like more narrow, with the eyes closer toghether and sharper features, shile the old ones were 'softer', and rounder. This is my Lilandra: