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Question about Lati Yellows Limited, Special, etc.

Mar 11, 2009

    1. Can someone tell me the difference between Mistic, Sugar, and Vampire Yellows?

      Also, I love the Yellow Laches, but I assume he is a limited sculpt since I don't see much of him. What editions was he released in? Are there any other sculpts like him that are limited and do you have pictures? Who is the baby with squinty eyes and elf ears?
    2. Vampire have the tiny fangs ..Mystic have elf ears ..(I think .. not sure about that one )
      Sugar had the half closed eyes and normal eyes

      Laches is limmited ..but he/she has come out in a few versions now
      But he isnt available as a standard version ..only in the white version is standard
      the sleeping head was the latest version ..how many of them isnt known but that one is limmited

      Im not sure which version is the quinty eyes and elf ears ..but I think you may be talking about the
      Christmas Elf Miel ..which was also available with semi-closed eyes or open eyes
      in light tan or normal resin
      Im sure someone will correct me if I got them mixed up

      mhhhh high time Lati released the Sugar Lea again xx
    3. Thanks for clearing things up. If the sugar Latis were available with either eyes half closed or normal, how were the ones with normal eyes different than the basic dolls?

      If I want to buy a Laches, how much should I expect to pay (new vs second-hand)? I would really like to know if he is even within my budget or if I should stop looking at pictures of him! :ablink: Oh, and was he only ever made with tanned skin and elf ears?

      Off to search for more pics of Laches and sugar Latis.....
    4. Sugar and Choco were the half closed eyes ... thats why they were so special
      they didnt come with normal eyes ..(open eye is the basic Lea and Miel )

      Only the Christmas Miel was offered with 2 options ..and that one had elf ears


      Not sure ..Laches and the other tans have always commanded higher prices , there a tan one in the marketplace for $650. thats not unusual
      there are 2 Laches too ...havent seen the price of those though as I had 2 comming I didnt look

      Laches has always been Tan
      Pury has always been white resin ..and Pury and Laches are the same mould

      (in the white size versions ..Lily is normal resin ..she again is the Pury/Laches mould ..buy with human ears but has never been made in the Yellow size ..yet )
    5. Okay, now I see where to find them on the Lati site. Thank you for directing me. I guess I had just skipped over them before because they all said "sold out". But now there are Choco Latis too??? I don't see what the difference is between the Sugars and Chocos. And I see a Lina mold too. Is she a White mold too?
    6. there was no difference in the Sugar and Choco mold ..just the spade and heart mark on the face and the outfit

      Lina was ..I think a doll ..released once ..or a prize ...customers could win one by placing an order ..a bit like the sleeping Angel Pury ..I think Im not sure ..or was very very limited
      as I said she only made an appearance once
      she was Yellow size ..I have never seen one though ..or seen one for sale ,she was only produced once ..although she reminds me a bit of Lily