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Question about Luts Minifee

Oct 14, 2007

    1. hi!

      I just wanted to ask if MNF Shiwoo head could match to Kid Delf body.

      Shiwoo is from CP and Kid delf is from LUTS I just wondering if they're both same resin color.

      Has anyone have a MNF head to Kid delf body??

    2. You can only get the MNFs in Normal and White skin, while the new Kid Delves come in Real Skin-- so the resin probably won't match, unless you're really lucky. They used to come in the same resin color, though.
    3. One problem is that Minifee heads usually look significantly smaller then Kid Delf heads. Some people put Kid Delf heads on Minifee bodies, but some Kid Delf heads look too big on Minifee bodies.

      Here is a picture of a Kid Delf standing next to a Minifee:

      Resinwise - if the Kid body is normal skin (not realskin) it would probably probably match a Minifee head in normal skin (ditto for white skin and white skin), but the new Delf Kid realskin matches neither of the old colors. Neck fit is probably possible somehow but may involve the special one-touch mechanisms being on on both parts?

      Bottom line - might work with the right resin colors, but I don't think it would look right.

    4. Thanks!! for the answers...

      well it surprised me that Kid delfs look bigger compared to Minifees. I thought it's just little big.

      I hope to see pic of MNF head to Kid delf body
    5. Yeah it's odd because they both take 7-8 wigs. The top of Minifee's head is as large as KD's, but the bottom of Minifee's head is narrower and their faces are lower and smaller.

    6. The kid delf hands don't look right to me with the Minifee head--the whole minifee look is adult but small boned, and the kid delfs have plump little kid hands--very cute, but not MF hands!
    7. I see... but I still do want to see pic of Mnf head to Kid delf body

      I can't really imagine how it looks like.
    8. MNF and Kid Delf are both made by CP.

      It likely wouldn't work, unless you modded the neckhole to fit right. The MNF's have a very wide opening in their neck to fit the one-touch neck piece that Kid Delfs, as far as I know, don't have. So the head would sit very low on the neck and they would look very weird.