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Question about male BJD's

Jan 9, 2010

    1. Is there any popular male BJD's out there that can fit Mattel's Ken clothing? He's 12". I want to invest in one. Any suggestions and where I can buy this doll? Any help is sincerely appreciated.

    2. I'm also looking for shoes for this doll too so any links is appreciated as well. :)
    3. Volks Yo-SDs fit most ken clothing, though their feet are too large for ken shoes :)
    4. ResinSoul's Bao can fit Ken clothes pretty easily.
    5. Thank you so much Xi-feng and Ellanie! Do you know of a good dealer online that carries these dolls?
    6. You could go directly to the ResinSoul website via Google, or try www.denverdoll.com, or www.junkyspot.com. The last two don't always have ResinSoul dolls in stock, but they're worth a try to save on shipping since you live in the US.

      Also, since you live in CA you could always make a trip down to the Volks store in California for a Volks Yo-SD doll. :) Otherwise I'm not sure how one would go about ordering from Volks. I've never done it myself, but I know that information is on the Den of Angels website somewhere.
    7. Thank you muse! What is the difference between a Volks-Yo Tenshi doll as opposed to a Volks Yo-SD? Or are they one in the same?
    8. As to shoes, there are many MANY dealers on the marketplace who will sell shoes that fit both dolls mentioned above, but the two websites I mentioned also stock shoes that will fit.

      Oh, sorry, I meant Yo-SD! I think the Yo-Tenshi dolls are even smaller. You can find out more here: http://www.volksusa.com/. Apparently the US store is in LA, though I've no idea how far that is from Palmdale.
    9. Yo-SDs and Yo-Tenshi are the same size (you're thinking of Rei- and Sei-Tenshi which are also from Volks but smaller than both types of Yo ;)) but Yo-Tenshi have magnetic wings and asexual bodies whereas Yo-SDs have normal bodies and no wings.

      Tabloach, your best bet for Yos is to look here in the DoA marketplace or check out the various Dolpa news and discussion threads as they're limited dolls only released at special Volks events. That said, they're not too hard to get hold of if you decide you want one ;)
    10. Thank you muse. I visit L.A. several times a month. Never bothered to look up the Volks in Glendale. I shall do it when i go down again. It's only 50 minutes from me.

      Thank you for explaining Xi-feng! I'll see what I can find on the board.
    11. Volks isn't in Glendale but in Torrance. Are you confusing it with Mrs. Cholong's store?
    12. Yo Tenshis and Yo Sds are the same size but the Tenshis(meaning angels in Japanese) have genderless bodies and have magnets embedded in the resin in the shoulder blades to which magnetic angel wings attach. The other Yos come in sets of two, the head molds are the same but one is on a girl body and the other on a boy body. They are also dressed and given faceups to reflect their genders.

      There are also smaller Tenshi dolls which are exclusively awarded as gifts at the Volks Doll Parties(conventions), won through raffles. These are called Rei Tenshis and Sei Tenshis. These dolls are much teenier but just thought I'd help clarify a little:)
    13. There will be a vast difference in price between Resinsoul and Volks, it depends if you want a doll or a model for your clothes.. I am not sure on the size of Ken, but there is also Bracken and Zack by the Sleeping Elf here in the UK, they have very slim bodies, similar to Bao I *think*
    14. Birju_Lachi: I think I may be. They are the ones that make the little pig?
      Mitya: Thank you for the clarification!
      kayjay: Thank you. I will try to research Bracken and Zack.
    15. Hi all. I have another question. I'm also looking into purchasing a male BJD that can fit the male 11" Bratz clothing. Does anybody know a good popular BJD boy doll?
    16. AFAIK, Bracken and Zack would be the only ones that are close.
    17. Cherishdoll tinies like Chubby. I have a tan Chubby Demon who has a wardrobe made up almost exclusively of Bratz boys clothing.
    18. There's also good old Bambicrony, Vin and Gun are usually purchased as boys and they fit Ken clothing quite well.

      As has been already said, Tinybear's Large Bracken, Zack and Milo should fit the Bratz boys clothing as they are very slender....they all share the Bracken body, just the heads are different. Zack has the large Mina head and Milo has the Large Moona head.
    19. betsyhoneyvenom, Hominivorax, and Blodeuwedd: Thank you SO much for this information!! I sincerely appreciate it!
    20. I'm pretty sure OrientDoll's Tae and Il both fit Ken clothing. LeekeWorld sells them here.