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Question about male dolls (boy parts!) (adult question?)

Oct 9, 2007

    1. Ok this is going to seem like the weirdest questions ever, but I am trying to piece together a male doll for a character I have and I don't know where to find this info. I am specifically looking for a *ahem* circumcised boy doll (I know it seems minor but it's v important for his character) - I am not sure what the standard sculpt is? Are there any major differences in this between sculpts? Any info appreciated! I don't own any boys so I am not sure how obvious this is - any photos I have seen appear to be uncircumcised but it's hard to tell, I don't really want to go looking for large nude images or anything *blush*

    2. If I'm not mistaken, the Dollshe boys are circumcised (and well-endowed, for a doll ;) )
    3. thanks guys :) that thread made me laugh. I don't think I would dare try to mod a doll myself, I'd be too scared of breaking him. I don't even have the guts to pierce my dolls' ears :)
    4. Hmm I just noticed Dollshe only seem to to large or tiny size dolls, I am looking for MSD size...
    5. A lot of mini dolls don't have very detailed penises, so they are often hard to tell if they're circumcised or not. I have several diferent types of mini boy, and none of them are obviously circumcised. Unfortunantly, doll pictures often blur out that section, so it's dificult to tell. Although I do have an SD who is definitely circumcised (to my surprise the first time I saw him - it's perfect for his character, but I wasn't expecting it)

      I can tell you that Dollzone, DoD, Dollmore and Angelregion (And Blue Fairy by extension) are not obviously circumcised. In fact, Angelregion is very obviously NOT circumcised. The other's are less obvious, since they're less detailed. DoD have very small parts, so it would be less noticeable, but much more dificult if you want to mod him yourself. If you want om to mod yourself, Dollzone boys are HUGE! Seriously, you could shave a bit off of them and still have a hefty amout left over.

      ... that would be wierd in any other context, methinks...

      Minis tend to be much less detailed (Unless it's an Unoa Luis boy), so they're even less likely to be circumcised. Also, all the companies I know of that have circumcised boys don't do Minis ^^;
    6. Did you want a child/teen body or a more mature body?
    7. I honestly can't think of a single mini boy that would be circumsized, and only a handfull of SD come to mind.
      I agree with Washi though, if you wanted to mod it yourself, DollZone, and AoD as well, are pretty well endowed for minis, so they could stand a little carving done to them.
    8. Just out of curiousity, why is it so important to his character that he be a circumsized doll, but the thought of looking up pictures of doll peen seems to embarrass you?
    9. I was wondering the same thing.
    10. Indeed. Do tell.
    11. What I'm more curious about is what sort of personality traits that would actually convey. I mean, it's never seemed to me like a factor, but maybe I'm not approaching the subject correctly.
    12. I think donn's Men are circumsized but they are tall sd's
    13. I can see how it might be important - if the character has a particular religious or socio-political reason that is important to his character, the owner may want him to be circumcised.
    14. Iplehouse. >_>
      But he's not small. XD
    15. I THINK, since I don't have one to know for sure, that that's the upper leg joint pulled apart; the thigh cap. By the looks of it he has magnets in there in order to help the doll hold poses.

      It's pretty genius, now that I'm thinking about it. :)

      As for boys with circumcised bits, I'd honestly go with the doll you like the most, regardless of his down theres. You can easilly have a customizer add or remove the foreskin as necessary, and then you wouldn't be passing up the doll you love just because of his penis.