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Question about Peak's Woods white resin

May 3, 2008

    1. Can someone please help me out? I really want to buy the White Goldie doll. It's a ton of money and I want to be careful because of all the problems regarding white resins. If anyone has any experience with Peaks Woods white resin and can offer any help, I would appreciate it.Thanks!
    2. I have 2 Peakswoods Cues.
      I bought one new about a year and a half ago (white)
      and another one about 9 months ago, second hand.
      First of all, Peaks woods "white" is not really White. It is more a creamy ivory color. As far as I can tell, my new one has not yellowed, although I'm not sure I would know if it has gradually, but she is still a nice color. My second hand Cue, however, surprized me when i got her because she is supposed to be white, but she is definately yellower. I was a little bothered by it at first, but found that after I did her face up and put on her wig, she didin't look that yellow. I did her in strong burgundy colors and she looks great.
      My tip: If a doll has a yellow hue to them, dont dress or paint them with colors of yellow, orange or green. Use colors of the opposite spectrum such as red, blue and purple. Or Black and not White.
    3. I have Viyol, Skiya, Mori Moth and Lady Bee is the white resin As elljaye said, it is sort of a creamy color instead of a true white. They look great - no change in color noticed. I play with them alot but I have not taken them outside. The only times they have been outside is when they have been in a carrier en route to another location.

      Hope that helps!
    4. Yes, both your answers are very helpful~ Thanks for taking the time. I think I am going to go ahead and make my order.....yeah!!
    5. Also, Elljaye, your advice is good about the colors, I'll keep that in mind as well.
    6. I also have a pair of WS Peak's Woods doll, Skiya & Sky & as elljaye & mrscollins said, the color is not true white but a very delicate creamy white. I haven't had them that long but so far no color change. They have seen some sunlight though usually not direct & are holding up well.
    7. [​IMG]



      I love my PW girls!
    8. I was glad to find this thread. I really want the new Goldie in white skin also, but almost settled for Normal skin because of all the problems with dolls turning yellow. I feel much better about ordering her in WS now.
    9. I'm so excited about all the Goldie's coming to this board! I ordered a tan one myself - I can't wait to see all the different ones!
    10. I have Skiya in ws and she's wonderful. Luike everyone has already said, a nice creamy color - not near as white as some other brands.

    11. As I was saying.........I couldn't post my reply because it said I wasn't logged in! I was, I was....anyhow, I ordered my WS Goldie today. I also almost got the normal skin, but I absolutely love the WS face! She is so soft and sad looking, just the type I like. I think she is beautiful and I bet in person she is going to look so awesome! Let's all compare our thoughts when the Goldies arrive! YEAH, new dolls-again!
    12. Congratulations on ordering your Goldie. I don't think you will be sorry. Look foward to seeing pictures of her.
    13. well it's not a Goldie ... but Mori Moth BW ^^
      arrived yesterday :)

      with flash

      and without
    14. So their white is not pinky white? Its creamy white? just to clear this up?
    15. Thanks all - I was going to ask about the skin colour of Peaks Woods so glad I did a search and found this first.

      I love the idea of a creamy white, Peaks Woods is really ticking all the boxes for me.

      The idea of a resin yellowing is quite scary when you think of the amount of money you invest in these lovely dollies.
    16. I'm still not sure about how the White Skin looks in person. "Cream white" is not enought for me to understand @@ *I'm not really smart*. Is it similar to another companie's White Skin? It'd be a lot easier for me to visualize ><''