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Question about Physical Domuya!

Jul 31, 2005

    1. Has anyone ever been there??? What's it like?

      Can you just buy the dolls they have on the website like you'd buy anything else out of a store, or is there a lot of red tape? What do they carry in their physical store?

      Pictures would be GREAT :D
    2. Are you going!? (O_O) That's so exciting!

      Isn't it in Singapore? Wow! I want to go there one day toooooooooo...
    3. I'm actually going to Bali(Indonesia), Singapore, AND Tokyo in September for 2 weeks....

      Domuya. Volks. In the course of 4 days.

      My bank account is so toast.
    4. Anyways, this is the back of Riverside Point, if you walk along the river..:)

      closeup of Domuya's windows

      Here's a snap of the display through the glass
      Here's a snap of what was in stock in APRIL *lol*

      Part of the scenic surroundings. Domuya is in a really pretty area:)

      That sounds like an awesome trip!! :D You are so lucky :)

      Domuya feels warm and inviting, even more so than the Tenshi no Sumikas' in Tokyo, probably because they don't speak a foreign language:)

      You can buy some of the dolls that they have on the website, not all. Some of them have to be ordered, the popular dolls, esp limiteds fly off the shelves.

      As you can see, that's part of the display, they have another small wig section that's not pictured. you can get a lot of stuff that's non-volks, like ajp and happydoll. They have a counter with doll eyes too.

      Please note that Domuya is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They generally open after 1pm, and close by 7 or 8 on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. They generally close earlier on Sundays 1-3pm? So I'd give them a call prior to the visit just to confirm they are open. :)

      hope that helps,
    5. *scribbles notes*

      Thanks so much!! *flips through her calendar* I am in Singapore for Sunday and Monday. :) So, do the nice folks at Domuya speak English??? O_O;

      And also, were there any Delf kids there when you were there? (Can't tell from the photo)

      And on that note, the the Tenshi folks in Tokyo speak any English? x_X
    6. Exciting! ^_^ Yes, most people in Singapore speak at least basic English. ^_^ (And, err, if you're feeling sociable, I would be VERY pleased to bring Shiina and Mitchell along to say hello! ^^)

      Yep, there's a very cute little Woori last I checked, in a kimono/yukata thinger. I don't think there were any other LUTS dolls, Domuya seems to have stopped carrying their products (EDIT: stopped bringing in new stock of theirs, I mean).

      It depends. Some staff do speak English with some confidence...like the man in the Studio Alta Tenshi no Sumika. But it's not a guarantee the staff in every store will.
    7. Domuya stopped carrying luts products? ;_; i went there 2 months ago and I spotted Lishe Dreaming and Chiwoo Sleeping heads (both with makeup) and perhaps some hands? They were in the display cabinet at the counter. O_O they gone now?
    8. The Lishe dreaming is gone, but the BW DES and sleeping Chiwoo are still there...Hands also still avail. I don't think Domuya has any of the Delf dolls in stock other than the kids.... :)

      bluegirlwish: Same here, if you are feeling sociable me and my kids would love to meet up as well:)
    9. I mean, I had heard that they had stopped bringing in new LUTS products. The old ones that haven't been sold are still there, of course. =D
    10. Thanks so much for your help guys!

      Oh, if I were going by myself... :( I'd leap at meeting up, but I'm with my mother. She's only going to Domuya to humor me(she's not really a doll person xD) plus, We're only in Singapore 2 days...(We're staying at Raffles, if anyone's curious). So our schedule is cramped, making Domuya is really a short stop. :)

      Besides, my children are not with me...I don't think. I keep debating whether I want to take Adelais. (not Odette, because I'm worried about damaging her- if something happens to Adelais's face-up, I'm more than willing to send him off.)

      SO! What's the report on what Doll-brands are there currently?

      And also- when you buy a doll there, do they just kinda hand it to you, or do they box them up, or what goes on?
    11. Why do you have such a marathon schedule? All these places in two weeks? That sounds more like a business trip. :oops:

      Atleast, I got a chance to hang out in Hong Kong for 3mo
    12. Raffles Hotel is super nice. ^_^ And I would love to meet up anyway, even if your dolls were not with you. <- am I starting to sound a bit scary XD;; Maybe I should haunt Domuya those two days.

      Just a word of warning. Domuya opens around 1.30pm on Monday and closes officially at 8pm, but it could end up being earlier if it's a slow day. So it's best to go in the afternoon. Ditto Sunday.

      When you buy a doll, they put the box in a big bag (sometimes Volks, sometimes Customhouse). I guess you could have them post it home for you, though, as opposed to lugging it around everywhere.

      They carry CH, Volks, Ajumapama, Happydoll, Leekedoll. Some LUTS stuff. I mainly buy shoes and clothes for my minis there, and some useful tools (string puller, eyelashes, sanding sponge, hairspray, etc.) Last I saw, there was an MSD boy yukata in stock, and Volks MSD shirts, as well as the Volks MSD raincoat sets, and some CH Little Junior stuff that ought to fit. They do carry Mr Super Clear UV Cut, but it's a bit on the expensive side: you could find it a few dollars cheaper in local hobby shops. Though it is convenient to get everything at Domuya, I guess.
    13. :drool
      sorry, I was just drooling all over my keyboard looking at those lovely photos.

      I want a store just like this. Hum, I wonder if people would want to sell their dolls on consignment here in the states?

      Probably not, with Ebay and the Marketplace here. Still, it would be fun to have a BJD store with all kinds of different dolls available, outfits, shoes, wigs, furniture, and look at those carrier bags!
    14. Well, it's actually a mission trip, of sorts.

      My mother is a Christian Speaker and Author... and all the international workers in the Pacific Rim are gathering in Bali for a conference. They called my mom to speak... when I was really young and first interested in Asia, I asked my mom to take me with her, should she ever get to Asia(she's been to all 50 states, and at least 7 countries now???) and so...when she got called for Indonesia, I was automatically lumped in as a translator/culture corrector("MOM!! Don't stick the chopsticks in the rice!")

      We wouldn't be doing Singapore or Japan if we flew dirrectly into Bali. Buuut... Every flight went through both... And I fawn-eyed at her to get us two days in each location(after all, it's not every day you go through Singapore and Tokyo...)

      There is nothing scheduled for either day, EXCEPT Domuya. *has like no life* xD

      Anyway, thanks SOOO Much for your all's help!
    15. I don't really have anything to add, but I've got family in Indonesia, I usually visit every few years, but I haven't gone in a while.

      Anyway, it's beautiful there, but soooooo hot!
    16. Domuya has a really homy atmosphere (went there several times and just stoned at the glass table, lol) and the dolls are to die for. XD Ushiwakamaru~ :grin:

      You can get there by taking the MRT to Clarke Quay...depending on where you're staying.
    17. I've got a few not-so-great photos here: http://loki.kamikazesushi.net/domya.htm from when we visited in January. I was only in Singapore 2 days as well, and we stayed at the Raffles Plaza. XD I'm sure you'll really enjoy it - it's fantastic seeing all these dolls face to face!
    18. ah sorry to butt in... but i have things to ask about Domuya as well... >.<

      i'll b in Singapore on Aug20(sat)-Aug22(Mon), i'll b staying at Meritus Mandarin at Orchard Rd., n i have NO IDEA how to go to Domuya frm there... actually my mom and sis may follow to Domuya as well but we were thinking of taking a cab... is there a way by MRT?

      i wont b bringing my boy though... its a long train ride from KL n i worry i might dmg him (since i'm going to buy supplies, including MSC in Singapore, my boy wont b coated until i return to Malaysia)

      planning to visit Domuya on Saturday, with Monday as a backup plan in case they're not open on Saturdays
    19. Okay I lied... I might be taking Adelais with me. He needs a new wig though. *flaps around Adelais's foot-and-a-half of hair* >>

      LOL, Shan... You skipped the only section of shoes I needed to see!!! xDDDD But that's okay, it shows me they have a huge selection, anyway.

      Question, while I'm at Volks in Toyko... Is it possible I might happen to see

      SAKAKI!?!?! *coughs....*

      xD Actually, is it possible to see any of the Angels in Tokyo? Or are they all looming around Kyoto?

      OH and a question... There's a Sato in Tokyo, right? Does it fall under the same guidelines of other Sato? I.E., Sato exclusives are there? Or are they only in Kyoto?