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Question about Puki Piki default makeup.

Jun 1, 2008

    1. I am planning to buy a Puki Piki and was looking at different pictures of Piki. From pictures of DoA members it seems the default makeup for Piki has freckles (small dots) on Piki's nose. But I cannot see the the dots (or they don't show clearly) on pictures from Fairyland webpage. I am getting confused. Are those little dots on nose really part of the default makeup?

      On Fairyland's FAQ, it says they don't do custom makup. If the freckles are default makeup, can I ask Fairyland not to put them on when ordering the makeup?
    2. Hmmm, I don't think any of the Pukis get freckles of any sort! I don't recall ever noticing them on anyone's default faceups. You could always contact Fairyland and ask them to clarify the default makeup for you.
    3. There's two faceups for piki the one that has no freckles which is the one that comes with pink baby and the freckled one that was that came with strider. The default faceup pictures the faceup on strider. Not sure which faceup one really gets when one orders a basic freckle or no freckle.
    4. I just got my Piki last week, I ordered her alone, not in any package, and she has the smallest delicate little freckles!! It's hard to get them in pictures, my camera is a little old. :)
    5. Wow, really! I had no idea! I guess I hadn't ever noticed.
    6. Mine was a Strider Full Package. He does have freckles; but only noticeable when you look very closely.
    7. My Piki has freckles. I got her when they first came out. She has the Piki default faceup, plus the addition of stitches from arrowchild



    8. my two pikis have freckles too!
      The only way to have one without them is to order a pink baby full set I think.
    9. Yes, but who wouldn't want them??? CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!
    10. Wow! I guess when I saw freckles I always presumed that they'd been customized! I'm so happy that someone pointed it out! LOL
    11. SproutsMom: The freckles are customized faceups was what I thought at the beginning, too. But then I saw two, three, four, five more Pikis have the same freckles then I began to think the other way.

      AreeElf: Oh, so Pink baby doesn't have freckles but strider has them. Thanks.

      princess chuchi: You solved my mysteries. I am going to order a basic set.

      DollLuver: Nice Piki. :D

      IngieBee: I agree that freckles are cute. But the baby looks more outgoing and active with freckles and that is not what I plan to have.

      I just e-mailed Fairyland about this and is waiting for the reply. :)
    12. Oh, I understand wanting a certain look, I'm just freckles nuts! LOL. I'm also a redhead fanatic, hee hee hee. My grandfather had red hair in front but kinda blond in the back, so when my grandmother was dating him, she would look up at him and think "Oh no, he has red hair, yuck!" then he'd turn, and she'd think "No, it's blond..." LOL. Crazy old fashioned people! My Mom also isn't crazy about red hair, but her sister married a redhead and they had 2 reds and 1 brunette. So I was always hoping I just might get lucky with a redheaded kid as my hubby has red highlights and also a redheaded grandfather, but nope, not for me :( So I keep telling my girls to marry a red head because I want redheaded grandbabies, LOL. Talk about being nuts! LOL
    13. I received reply from Fairyland. As previous posts said, Pink baby does not have freckles but Strider and basic version have them.

      I ask if I can request not having freckles in default makeup for basic version. Unfortunately the answer is no because that would count as custom makeup.