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Question about Unoa skin matches to Fairyland MNF

Dec 15, 2009

    1. I have heard so many people say WS Minifee matches Unoa 1.5 and others say NS Minifee. So wondering which is true, WS Minifee or NS Minifee?
    2. Is there only one skin tone to Unoa dolls? Or do they have white skin and normal skin as well. It could be the white skin Unoa matches the white skin Fairyland, and same with the Normal Skin versions??
    3. there are two skintones for Unoas but the white skin is quite rare and I don't believe the faceplates were sold separately in the WS. I'm going to assume you're trying to match NS Unoa with either WS FL or NS FL. Some people have their Unoa hybrids with WS MNF, some with NS MNF. This is because the batches of resin vary with Fairyland and some of them are quite light and creamy. However, I'm guessing none of them are quite as light and yellow toned as Unoa resin (at least in my experience, and I have at least 5 batches of FL resin, maybe 6, and I have a 1.5 face plate.) The truth is neither WS or NS match well enough to satisfy me but with blushing both could work. If you're going with WS, try to get a yellower batch and with NS, try to get a light batch. hte only way to know this is by buying from a second hand seller in the MP. Otherwise you aren't going to know what FL will send. In my experience the older Luts MNF resin is lighter than the current batches I've gotten.
    4. Actually to clarify, there are three unoa ( lusis/sist ) skin tones.

      White skin unoa which are/were? limited and really rare.

      1.0 which is a light normal skin and not made any more, you would have to buy these on the secondary market.

      1.5 which is a medium/light normal skin and all new regular unoa dolls and face plates are this color.

      You can tell if a doll is 1.0 from a 1.5 by the differences. 1.0 has a two piece elbow and 1.5 have a three peice elbow and an extra piece in the lower back to prevent gapping
    5. Unoa 1.5 as stated in the first post to current MNF colors.
    6. My NS Fairyland Marcia didn't match my 1.5 Unoas at all...completely different...hence Marcia was rehomed! The difference was huge. My pinky white Narae was actually a better match.
    7. Some have said that Narae was a bad match for Unoa 1.5 as well...
    8. No direct answer? Unoa 1.5 O face and current Minifee active line resin color WS or NS.
    9. I can take a picture of my unoa up close too a few luts fairyland parts if you want.
    10. I'll post tomorrow
    11. Thank you, that would be most helpful.:)
    12. I've owned a couple of Fairyland dolls and have to say that Fairyland NS is a strong opaque pinky whereas Unoa was a lighter, creamier color. But the Fairyland NS did mellow out a couple of months late to a peachier color and could possibly be a good match with Unoa 1.5 depending on the blushing of the faceplate.
    13. Thanks, I own a Minifee white skin just wondering about the matching for unoa
    14. I have a pretty helpful picture for this matter:


      The Lusis face in the center/leftish is the out-of production first edition of the U-noa. The stray MNF hand is fairyland NS, the MNF body is (obviously) WS XD Then on each side you can see parts of my 1.5 (second edition) U-noa girls.

      I find that 1.0 unoa resin is pretty compatible with FL WS. The NS is actually a better match to the 1.5 resin IRL, and would be easily hybridable with a little blushing. X3
    15. I guess it's kind of a hit-n-miss with FL?

      My friend purchased a NS minifee and it did not match with my 1.5 FP AT ALL.
    16. I'm planning to buy a WS MiniFee GIRL Body (Active Line) for my Lusis 1.5. Does anybody knows if it is a good ideia?
    17. I've put my eye on a unoa Lusis fairy skin, but this disscussion is kind of saying that fairy skin not matched with minifee body if I've red correctly