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Question about Volks Chii - did they make the rest of the characters?

Jul 4, 2006

    1. Hey everyone ^_^ I Heard that Volks made six anime based dolls as well as Chii. Does anyone have any information on the other five dolls? Have i been misinformed?

      Thanks ^_^
    2. There's a Shinku from Rozen Maiden, Yumi and Shouko from Maria-sama ga Miteru, Momoko from Shimotsuma Monogatari, And I believe Ria is an anime girl as well, although I can't recall from what if she is. I thought there were more than these as well, but a comprehensive list of all released volks dolls can be found here:


      (And it's where I got my info. ^_^)
    3. Well I could be overlooking some..but all I know of are Rosa Chinensis en Bouton Yumi Fukuzawa (Mimi mold) and Sachiko Ogasawara (SD13 4 sisters mold), Rozen Maiden Shinku, and then I guess you could count Momoko Ryugasaki because she's a collaboration doll with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

      Edit before even posting, guess I got beat! There's more links though.
    4. Thanks ^_^ They don't seem as obvious as chii does...
    5. I think Chii just seems obvious to us because Chobits was really popular outside of Japan. ^_^
    6. They also made a DD Rei from Eva.
    7. UWAH! A Momoko doll!?
    8. Last one I saw on Y!J went for $7000, I wouldn't get my heart set on her ;)
    9. Aww, that is the suck. But I guess that's the price for "limited edition"
      A really pretty dress from LUTS costs nearly as much as the doll because it's "limited to 10 worldwide"...But...so...pretty...
    10. There were a lot of anime based Dollfie Dream dolls made, a lot of them from animes I"m not familiar with...
    11. I just thought Chii looked more obvious because of her face shape :P I also thought at first that she was a dollfie dream :P
    12. I believe she does have a DD dream head, only it was cast in resin instead of the DD vinyl.
    13. I'm not sure about this, but a long time ago when Ria was still listed for sale on the Volks Internaitional site I think she was described as "Rio's little sister". Also the designer for Ria also designed Chinese Rio and made a matching one-off set of Ria and Rio. http://www.superdollfie.net/sd/one_off/images/oneof_rioria.jpg

      The DollfieDream Asakura Nemu, Shirakawa Kotori, and Asakura Nemu Memorial Bride version are from the anime D.C.~ Da Capo and Shirakawa Sayaka is from Suika.

      I don't know of any other dolls based off of anime characters in the 1/3 scale made by Volks, besides those which have been listed in the previous posts.